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Why we do what we do at RCG

This picture signifies why I do what I do. When I started Belle Maison Agency in 2012, I really had no idea it would morph into what it is today, a lifestyle management company that we recently rebranded as Riveter Consulting Group.

Since I was young, I have always had a passion for connecting people, whether it was simply a referral for a good dentist or connecting two people that could be of value to one another’s business. I love to help, and, if I have some way to do that through a personal connection, I happily do it. The problem with constantly being the connector is that it takes a lot of time, and sometimes it can be draining. When I started Belle Maison, I finally found a way to monetize the connections I was always making. I view what I do as matchmaking. Especially, with domestic recruiting, no matter how strong a candidate’s résumé or skillset is, if the personality is not a match with the principal, it will not work.

In this picture is one of my beloved candidates, Carolina, and her daughter Emily. I do not recall how I originally was introduced to Carolina, but I hired her to clean my house approximately four years ago. I was immediately struck by her positive personality and how she exuded happiness every time she came to my house. Periodically, I would give her clothing that didn’t fit me for her daughter to wear. She would send me adorable photos of her daughter in my clothes. She always gave me a BIG hug every time she came over and constantly told me she loved me.

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I was contacted by a client in 2016, inquiring about hiring a Housekeeper for a small luxury unit in Beverly Hills. I wanted to help Carolina find new opportunities, so I referred her to my client. What initially was supposed to be a couple of days of cleaning a week turned into a full-time nanny role. Carolina’s life completely changed. She was hired by a LOVELY family, who treat her like she is part of the family. She and her daughter Emily have traveled to North Carolina and Mexico several times with my clients. She always sends me photos of Emily on an excursion during their trips.

Through the years, she always checks in via text or Facebook, with photos and messages. This is why we choose to meet each of our candidates face-to-face. It allows us to see their personality, and access how they will do in our client’s homes. I knew Carolina would be a fantastic match for the right family.

She reached out last weekend and asked to come to visit. I hadn’t seen her in over two years at that point. When they came over, I was shocked to see that Emily had probably grown a foot. She is doing exceptionally well at school. She gets straight A’s, loves music, and plays the Violin. Carolina could not stop thanking me for her amazing job. She loves her job and is so thankful for her role with the family. They brought me this beautiful flower arrangement, which I later found out Emily had actually made herself. She watched Youtube and was able to duplicate the arrangement. Caroline has a very intelligent and talented daughter. Caroline should be very proud that her dedication to her job is allowing Emily to have a brighter future with a wonderful education and better opportunities. I hope she knows how proud I am of her hard work, and dedication not only to her job but also to her family.

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Please excuse the way I look in this photo. It was a Saturday, and I had just arrived home from the gym. My heart is full when I can make a match that makes such a significant difference in someone’s life. I cannot promise every placement I do for a candidate will lead to their dream job, but I can promise to always endeavor to make a match that is in both party’s best interests. Our goal at Riveter Consulting Group is to better the lives of both our candidates and our clients.

We appreciate you so much.
Written by: Gold Mac Ivor

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