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The Role of The Director of Residences

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The Director of Residences is responsible for the oversight of multiple properties. They are in charge of the budget and oversee major financial expenditures. The Director oversees the estate managers at each residence to ensure consistency of standards.

This position generally entails the following duties:

  • Oversight and development of HR policies and procedures
  • Control of finances
  • Management of capital expenditures
  • Property management, including oversight of residences, corporate offices, ranches, equestrian facilities, or actively-managed farmlands
  • Contract negotiation and vendor management
  • Liaises between the principals and their properties
  • Represents the principals when requested
  • Project management and construction
  • Ensure that all functions run smoothly by communicating with event planners, caterers, and clients
  • Manage communication between trustees/directors and residents. Circulation of notices, recording, and distribution of minutes of meetings, newsletters, responding to queries, requests, and complaints from residents, etc.
  • Obtain quotes for consideration by the trustees and directors, e.g. for pool refurbishment, paving contractors, painting contractors, and thatching companies.
  • Deal with external service providers, such as refuse removal by the municipality, roads, water, ESCOM, Telkom, cellular providers, DSTv, etc.
  • Oversee the day-to-day business of the complex/estate, including enforcement of complex/estate rules, residents moving in or out, maintenance issues on the common property, etc.

Qualifications for Director of Residences/Chief of Staff:

  • College degree
  • Property Management Certification
  • Previous experience managing a luxury hotel or residence
  • Proven financial acumen
  • Past experience managing a variety of outside vendors such as contractors and interior designers

How to hire a Director of Residences?

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