Houseman tools on a table

The Role of a Houseman – Guide to Being the Best Houseman Possible

Houseman tools on a table

A houseman is an extremely adaptable member of a household. They generally assist with indoor and outdoor duties utilizing their broad remit of practical skills, including plumbing, maintenance, gardening, electrical, or significant driving experience. In this guide, we will delve into the role of a houseman and the intricacies of being the best houseman possible.

Understand Core Responsibilities

To excel as a houseman, a thorough understanding of the core duties and responsibilities is crucial. Primarily, a houseman is entrusted with the daily “hands-on” tasks within a residence, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the household. The typical job responsibilities include cleaning floors, vacuuming, polishing, handling heavy deliveries, and efficiently moving furniture and other items.

However, the basic cleaning duties of a houseman also overlap with those of a housekeeper, which is the most common kind of role sought after within home staffing. A houseman is specifically hired by those clients who want more extensive household upkeep. They are expected to have broad know-how in deep cleaning and repairs of various home systems and electronics.


Aside from that, a houseman’s job also comes with a swath of additional social responsibilities, such as serving as a chauffeur/driver, hosting guests, and serving food during events. In the absence of the housekeeper, a houseman might step in to cover their tasks if they call in sick. It may also include watching over the children or providing valuable assistance to the chef during the preparation and service of formal dinner parties.

Sometimes, a houseman’s responsibilities may entail caring for the residence’s core grounds and maintaining the main entry area and walkways. In households with no additional domestic staff, the houseman often assumes duties typically assigned to a housekeeper. On the other hand, in residences with more extensive domestic staff, the houseman might serve as a reliable “right-hand man” to an estate or household manager or act as an assistant to another domestic staff leader.

Gain Essential Skills and Qualifications

Since a houseman’s responsibilities are typically more extensive than a general housekeeper’s, the skills they are expected to have are also more detailed than other household staffing roles. They are commonly hired by clients who require a more thorough upkeep of their household, which includes rigorous maintenance tasks such as deep cleaning and household repairs.

Sound physical health is an essential qualification for a houseman because of the physically rigorous tasks they regularly do. They will regularly have to lift and move heavy weights during their daily work, so sound fitness is a must.


Aside from this, they are also expected to carry out common maintenance and repairs of household appliances and equipment such as boiler pressure, changing light bulbs and fuses, fixing bleeding radiators, etc. This key skill sets housemen apart from other kinds of house help.


To competently fulfill these responsibilities, housemen must have a basic working knowledge of HVAC, construction-related skills, and building systems like electrical and plumbing. A demonstrated knowledge of these skills, proven through past employer referrals, is always welcome. However, certified training in some fields is highly valued among potential clients.

A houseman’s duties also overlap with valets and personal assistants, as they are often required to run errands and drive their clients around. Concurrent with this, a driving license is necessary for those aspiring to enter this role. At the same time, the broad social aspect of this job means that a houseman must also be excellent at communication and multitasking.


These latter skills aren’t merely good to have for a houseman. The basic scope of a houseman’s responsibilities is so diverse and extensive that being able to multitask is essential for them.


They must have the mind and the foresight to navigate their duties and clients’ instructions on any given day. The goal is to ensure they are on top of their duties by carefully prioritizing tasks and communicating properly with the clients.

Tips to Excel

Being a good houseman goes beyond performing their tasks efficiently; the devil lies in the details. It can range from your communication style to your ability to handle complicated situations. One fool-proof way to excel in this field is by displaying professionalism and proper etiquette in all aspects of your job.


One of the must-have qualities of a houseman includes a courteous conversation style with all residents, guests, and fellow staff members. Using polite language while maintaining a pleasant tone creates an amicable environment that fosters two-way communication, which is essential to anticipating the job requirements.

A houseman is expected to tend to dynamic job roles, requiring them to adapt to changing circumstances and tasks. When juggling between tasks, there can be complaints or dissatisfaction from the clients. Handling the situation goes a long way when faced with challenging situations. Listening empathetically, apologizing when necessary, and taking appropriate actions to rectify the issue demonstrate your ability to handle any situation gracefully and professionally.

The skill of discretion is another important aspect of houseman job roles as their roles might give them access to private spaces and sensitive information. It necessitates the ability to respect the privacy of the guests and the residents and make sure that their confidentiality is upheld.

Besides these, other essential skills, such as working collaboratively with other household staff members, prioritizing safety in all aspects of their work, and being punctual and reliable, help establish them as an indispensable asset to any residence they serve.

The key to being a good houseman involves understanding household needs and adapting to the forever-changing job requirements with utmost grace and tactfulness.

After implementing the strategies outlined in this guide, you can consistently exceed expectations leaving a lasting positive impression to become the best houseman possible. If you seek to elevate your career further, Riveter Consulting Group is there for you. With our wide network of reputable clients, we connect qualified candidates with renowned establishments where you can showcase your expertise. You can check our current openings and apply for a position. We understand the significance of exceptional housemen in creating a positive and lasting impression on guests and clients.

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