The importance of background checks when hiring domestic staff for your home or business

The Importance of Background Checks When Hiring Domestic Staff for Your Home or Business

The importance of background checks when hiring domestic staff for your home or business

Domestic staff like housekeepers, nannies, caregivers, and personal assistants spend significant time in your home, business, and around your family. You place immense trust in their hands. If not appropriately vetted, you are putting your family and business at risk. You can be a victim of theft, fraud, or worse. Let’s understand the importance of background checks when hiring domestic staff.

Importance of Background Checks

Hiring domestic staff without proper background checks can expose homes and businesses to preventable risks. Background checks provide a clear picture of the candidate. Some of the reasons why you should conduct background checks are given below.

Provides Safety and Security

Safety and security are among the top reasons for conducting background checks on domestic staff. You are allowing virtual strangers into your home and trusting them with your loved ones and valuables. Thorough background checks help uncover any history of violence, abuse, theft, or other concerning behaviors. It lets you make informed decisions about who to allow into your home.


A background check can reveal past convictions for theft, fraud, offenses, and violent crimes. Such revelations would disqualify the candidate from domestic employment involving proximity with family members. Background checks also verify identity and address history. You don’t want to grant access to an imposter harboring ill intentions in your home. Background checks are the best way to avoid compromising your family’s safety, children, elderly parents, and home.

Helps Uncover Past Misdeeds

Background checks allow you to uncover past misdeeds of the candidate. Domestic staff often deal with vulnerable populations like children, seniors, and people with disabilities. You must clearly understand the candidate’s past before you onboard them. Background checks verify information provided by the candidate and bring hidden facts to light.


A thorough background check will help reveal if the candidate might hide prior arrests, convictions, firings, or disciplinary actions. You can also discover if the candidate has changed jobs frequently, suggesting issues with workplace conduct.

Maintains Compliance

For some domestic staff positions, background checks are a legally mandated prerequisite for hiring. Federal, state, and local laws require extensive background screening and checks before employing domestic staff in certain roles.


The Department of Homeland Security requires completing the I-9 form and E-Verify checks to confirm work authorization for all domestic staff hires. It applies regardless of whether they are full-time, part-time, or freelance employees. Passing a criminal background check is mandatory for nurses and healthcare professionals providing at-home care. Failing to run the necessary checks can result in steep fines or criminal penalties.

Prevents Negligent Hiring Lawsuits

Homeowners and businesses can face lawsuits for failure to exercise reasonable care in selecting domestic staff who endanger or harm others. If a domestic employee commits theft, abuse, or any crime, the employer can be held legally liable for negligent hiring if they did not run background checks. These lawsuits can involve substantial settlement costs.


Proper background checks demonstrate that the employer has followed the required procedures and protects you from negligent hiring lawsuits.

Verifies Skills and Certifications

Background checks allow you to verify the qualifications and certifications claimed by domestic staff candidates. Checks can validate educational credentials, professional licenses, driving records, and relevant training certificates. Hiring employees without verifying skills and certifications is a significant liability issue. Your liability insurance provider can deny coverage if your employees do not carry proper permits and licenses.


Verifying skills helps you feel confident that you are hiring competent and qualified candidates best suited for the specific job duties. It also demonstrates to candidates that you seriously validate qualifications claimed on resumes.

Best Practices for Compliant and Ethical Background Checks

Background checks help you maintain a safe and productive working environment. Follow these best practices for a compliant and ethical background check.

Obtain Consent

Before initiating any background check, obtaining the domestic staff candidate’s informed consent is essential. The candidate should understand the scope of the check and willingly authorize you to conduct it. Clearly explain what areas, such as criminal history or employment verification, will be screened and how the results will be used in your hiring decision. Guarantee discretion in handling their personal information.


Obtaining consent demonstrates respect for candidate transparency and dignity. It also provides legal protection, as background checks without consent can violate federal and state laws. Check to confirm that the consent form follows FCRA and state guidelines.

Respect Candidate’s Privacy

When conducting background checks for domestic staff candidates, only seek information related to job qualifications relevant to the specific role. Have clear policies limiting checkers from accessing extraneous personal details about candidates’ lives, relationships, or finances. Implement a “minimum necessary” principle to collect only essential data.


Follow secure data handling procedures and only retain records as long as needed. Be mindful of minimizing the invasion of candidate privacy. Accessing only job-related background information demonstrates your professionalism and ethics. It also helps maintain compliance with growing data privacy regulations.

Comply with Relevant Laws and Regulations

Be aware of federal, state, and local laws related to background checks and screening practices. It includes anti-discrimination laws prohibiting hiring decisions based solely on criminal and financial histories.


Don’t make assumptions about race, gender, or ethnicity. If your hiring decision significantly impacts a particular group, it has a “disparate impact,” which could be considered illegal discrimination. Consult employment lawyers if you are unsure about any rules and regulations regarding background screening. Stay up-to-date with changes in laws related to pre-employment checks for proper compliance.


Background checks are essential, but the process takes significant effort, time, and expertise. Families and businesses may lack the resources or knowledge to run comprehensive checks independently. So, consider Riveter Consulting Group when hiring domestic help for your business or home. We conduct background checks on every candidate as a part of the hiring process.

If you want to hire a professional for domestic or business needs, you can message us or call us at 1-855-4442515. Our recruiters can help you hire the right candidate with complete confidence.


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