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The Houseman’s Duties and Responsibilities

Man Cleaning a Window of a house

A houseman handles general maintenance, cleaning, and other domestic tasks for the smooth running of a private household. They are responsible for performing and overseeing most of the manual labor involved in keeping the house clean, maintained, and fully functional, usually working under the direction of the head housekeeper or butler. The role of the houseman is expansive and comes with many duties and responsibilities. Let’s find them!

Duties and Responsibilities of a Houseman

A houseman’s responsibilities can vary significantly based on the size and particular requirements of the household. Some of their core duties and responsibilities are listed below.

Heavy Housework

A houseman carries out heavy housework that the housekeeper cannot comfortably do. This type of housework involves deep cleaning the interior and exterior of a large estate to maintain tidiness. Housemen must methodically vacuum all carpets and rugs throughout the rooms. They must mop, wax, and polish hard floor surfaces like wood, tile, and stone.

Furniture, fixtures, and upholstery require thorough dusting and polishing as well. Windows, walls, ceilings, and curtains need regular cleaning. Bathrooms and kitchens need extensive scrubbing of counters, appliances, sinks, and all surfaces. They may even wash exterior walls and driveways with power sprayers. Also, they must handle garage and basement cleanouts by properly organizing storage areas and disposing of unwanted items.

Waste Removal & Recycling

Housemen collect all trash daily, separating recyclables like paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum to divert waste from landfills. Regular trash gets moved to external bins for disposal pick-up, while recyclables go to designated collection points after separation. Some food scraps get composted for garden use as well.

Maintaining proper waste habits reduces clutter across the estate, keeps the environment hygienic for residents, and benefits the broader ecosystem through consistent recycling. Adhering to sustainable disposal processes is essential for household functionality and long-term environmental responsibility.

Grounds and External Area Maintenance

A well-maintained exterior gives the property a lovely curb appeal. A houseman can help achieve that with a meticulous maintenance schedule. On large estates, they regularly rake fallen leaves from lawns and walkways so grounds retain their beauty. General debris like branches and assorted litter also gets removed to keep yards pristine season after season.

Outdoor furniture and external fixtures around homes demand regular cleaning to prevent dirt buildup. External windows and doors need regular maintenance for aesthetic appearance. Housemen may spot-treat or oversee control of garden weeds while nurturing ornamental household garden beds and landscaping.

Housemen work on the external areas’ aesthetic by dedicating time to ongoing minor upkeep. Well-kept grounds benefit from deterring burrowing pests like insects and rodents from encroaching upon residences to preserve structural integrity.

Handyman Services

Housemen provide general maintenance across homes so the domestic systems run correctly over time. They periodically inspect appliances, electronics, pipes, and air conditioning units. These professionals are capable of troubleshooting and fixing minor mechanical or electrical issues.

Burnt-out light bulbs, excessively dusty air filters, and blown fuse box components get replaced promptly by housemen before they become more significant problems. Tripped switches and clogged bathroom or kitchen drains are fixed promptly by the houseman for the smooth functioning of the household. They provide many such valuable services for your added convenience.

If the repair requirements exceed their broad competence, housemen file detailed maintenance requests to specialized engineers with the requisite expertise. By handling a broad spectrum of basic handyman tasks, housemen reduce annual service costs and keep homes functioning smoothly with minimal disruptions. Their versatility and responsiveness in addressing issues add value for homeowners.

Additional Responsibilities

The houseman performs various tasks to assist the household. They serve meals and handle cleaning up during family events. These professionals also supervise young children and perform chauffeur duties such as pickups and drop-offs to school. From running errands to purchasing household supplies to caring for pets, they perform many tasks that make your life easy.

Qualities of a Houseman

These skilled professionals perform a range of household tasks requiring specific skill sets. Here are some of the qualities these professionals require.

Physical Fitness

A houseman must possess a broad skill set to effectively fulfill their duties and responsibilities. They must be in physically good shape as their job is very demanding. It involves long hours on one’s feet performing labor-intensive tasks. Housemen should stay upright for much of the day while lifting heavy objects like cleaning furniture. Having a good physique and stamina allows them to perform consistently for a more extended time.

Reliability and Discretion

A houseman performs many roles in the household, ranging from cleaning to minor repairs. They must be reliable while performing these roles for a well-functioning household. Discretion is also essential as a houseman can access privileged information regarding the household members.

Communication Skills

Housemen frequently interact with family members, fellow domestic staff, maintenance crew, handymen, and others while working. Strong oral and written communication skills prove tremendously beneficial when coordinating among these groups. Their communication ability facilitates the smooth running of the household.

They must prepare concise reports regarding inventory, purchases, and expenses. Therefore, they must have good oral and written communication skills. If they have proficiency in a second language, they can effectively communicate with staff members whose native language is not English.


There is no specific academic requirement or educational qualification for a houseman. However, a minimum of a high school diploma is preferred. Many employers prefer a candidate who has some form of military experience as it is a role that requires discipline. They must also have driving skills, valid driving licenses, and working knowledge of household appliances. Completing a trade apprenticeship in areas like carpentry, electrical work, or plumbing can enhance their appeal to prospective employers.

A houseman is the backbone of a fully functioning household. They perform vital roles that make the family’s life under their care comfortable. If you want to hire a houseman who fits your requirements, call us at 1 855-444-2515 or message us to get started. Our staffing experts can assist you in your search for a perfect match.

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