Personal Assistant/Family Assistant

Efficient and Reliable Assistance for All Your Personal and Family Needs

What is a Personal Assistant/Family Assistant?

A personal/family assistant is someone tasked with managing a household. Their duties range from cooking and cleaning to planning and overseeing house repairs. Their primary role is to ensure the family can have a hassle-free and smooth sailing-living experience at home. A personal assistant does this by understanding their requirements in running the household.

Minor questions such as – what should we have for dinner to organize a birthday or anniversary can fall under the responsibilities of the personal assistant. Personal/family assistants are good problem solvers and can aid families in emergencies such as the requirement for urgent medical attention that may need a fast response.

Personal assistants and family assistants are expected to possess certain qualities that allow them to be trusted members of the families they work in. Maintaining confidentiality and being trusted with sensitive information is a necessary component of this role. They are professionals and do not intervene in domestic matters which do not concern them.

Their function is to take care of the household and cater to the family’s needs, which is what they focus on. Additionally, this role can also be tasked with financial responsibilities such as filing tax returns and managing expenses based on the degree of trust and ability. So, they are responsible for different domestic duties and always ensure to align with the family needs.

Benefits of Having a Personal Assistant/Family Assistant

Having a personal/family assistant comes with many benefits. Running a household can be as tedious and consuming as working in a high-end business firm. As such, many households, often ones with many working members and multiple dependents, find their houses to be not well kept and have to spend what little time they have at home cooking and in minor maintenance. Having an assistant fixes all these problems.

Personal/family assistants can save the family time, help with organization and meet family-specific requirements. They can help families enjoy the warmth and comfort of their houses without worrying about the stain on the wall or the transportation management for the next day’s wedding. Beyond assisting in household work, a major benefit of having an assistant is the support they can provide – especially in families with children who go to school and elderly members who require constant medical attention. Here is the list of the benefits of having them:


One of the multiple benefits of having a personal or family assistant is time-saving. Often, families cannot keep up with the demands of their work and social life because of household tasks. Personal/family assistants understand and meet family needs, from daily maintenance and meal planning to family event coordination/planning and overseeing other household staff. They can save families the time invested in menial day-to-day activities, allowing them to grow professionally and enjoy their time at home with loved ones. They can automate and streamline tasks such as scheduling, booking travel, managing finances, and running errands. They can also serve as a central hub for coordinating and communicating with other household staff, such as cleaners, gardeners, and nannies.


The modern family consists of working parents absent from the household for extended periods and children and the elderly, who are their dependents. In such cases, having an organized household with everything in place can be difficult. They tasked with such duties can put in the time to plan ahead of time, foresee possible shortcomings and work accordingly. They keep track of important documents like contracts, bills, etc., and file and store them safely. Shopping, cleaning, cooking, and attending to family needs can often be time-consuming. Having someone do it for you can allow for a professional degree in the organization resulting in the household being a place of warmth and love.


Personal/family assistants can understand families' inner workings, dynamics, and requirements early on. They provide customized services and support based on your needs and preferences. They are also receptive to feedback. Since their primary duty is to aid the smooth running of your household and life, they do not carry any preconceptions and fixed working mechanisms. They are also expert communicators, meaning they will take in employer requests, allowing for greater personalization. Over time, assistants become even more proficient at the tastes of the families they work in and can seamlessly fit in. So, they provide personalized customer service and support, increasing your satisfaction and overall experience.


Many personal/family assistants must work in-house for extended periods. Because of this, most can work around personal necessities to meet the requirements of the individual/family they work for. While major tasks might require a longer notice, assistants are willing to cooperate and adjust their schedules to meet smaller sudden requirements. The duties they are involved in, such as cooking, shopping, cleaning, and logistical organization, require a certain degree of flexibility. They can take on a wide range of tasks based on the specific needs of their employers and are flexible.

Stress reduction

Having an assistant can save you stress by handling tedious, less important tasks such as scheduling events and making phone calls. Family assistants can help with child and elderly care responsibilities. This can reduce the stress of trying to balance work and family responsibilities. They can help with personal assistance tasks such as shopping, running errands, and managing finances, along with more tasks that can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Overall, having a family assistant can help reduce stress by taking on tasks that would otherwise fall on your shoulders, allowing you to focus on more important and enjoyable aspects of your life.

Duties of a Personal Assistant/Family Assistant

Personal/family assistants are well-versed in their work and can manage multiple duties at the same time. The major function of an assistant is to ensure that families can live their lives in a seamless manner without having to be concerned over minor issues. This role can perform various tasks ranging from scheduling and coordinating appointments, running errands and household tasks, coordinating travel, managing and overseeing household staff, and helping with child care and education.

Personal assistants, in many cases, are good problem solvers and are willing and able to resolve unforeseen problems. In certain cases, assistants may also take financial responsibilities and manage budgets in the household. They can be trusted to maintain confidentiality and work in the best interest of the families the individual works for. They possess qualities such as relevant educational backgrounds and prior work experiences that make them equipped for the work they do. Here are some of their crucial duties:

  • Scheduling and coordinating appointments
  • Running errands and managing household tasks
  • Coordinating travel arrangements
  • Managing and overseeing household staff or vendors
  • Helping with child care and education

Steps to Hiring a Personal Assistant/Family Assistant

  1. Build a Job Description
  2. Matching with a Candidate
  3. Scheduling an Interview
  4. Hiring a Candidate

Cost of a Personal Assistant/Family Assistant

A personal assistant/ family assistant can cost anywhere between $55k and $125k per year based on expertise, experience, and workload among other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a personal/family assistant?

You can know it according to your needs. Having a personal/family assistant can be a substantial investment for many families. For this reason, it is important to consider whether having an assistant is worth the investment. An assistant can be invaluable if families constantly worry about managing their time and fulfilling their duties, not having free time for themselves, missing out on or running late for important events, or failing to complete household duties and manage their time. Family assistants can also be a good investment for families that have young, school-going children and elderly members that need extra attention, supervision, and care.

Can a personal/family assistant work remotely?

Yes. While many duties require a personal/family assistant to be physically present, they may be able to work certain duties remotely. This largely depends on what duties the assistants are tasked with. If assistants manage financial aspects and shopping, a certain degree of remote work may be possible, but most tasks require physical presence. Running household errands, taking care of children, arranging for home maintenance and repairs, and other similar activities may require assistants to be physically present. However, they can work on certain days remotely and others physically if they manage the two periodically.

How do I ensure the security and confidentiality of my personal information when hiring a personal/family assistant?

Background checks and employer assessments from previous employers can help towards this end. It is important to ensure that the personal/family assistant you are looking to hire is experienced and understands the need to maintain confidentiality. It is still important for individuals and families to take a certain degree of discretion when relieving sensitive information. Mutual trust and understanding take time to form – one will be more willing to share personal information with an assistant that has worked with them for years as opposed to someone recently hired, so it might be good practice to let your guard down over time based on the service you receive.

Can a personal/family assistant help with specific tasks such as managing the household budget or taking care of elderly family members?

What tasks a personal/family assistant can do depends on the degree of expertise and experience they possess. If assistants are already familiar with budget management and have taken care of elderly members, it is reasonable to assume they will be willing to do so in the future. Some personal/family assistants may refuse to work with elderly members based on the degree of support they require, and some may also charge additional costs for such work. Allowing a non-family member financial access also must come with necessary precautions. In the end, all employees will have their criteria. Still, it is reasonable to assume family assistants understand that elderly care and financial management are part of what most employers look for.