Corporate Staffing Specialties

Administrative Assistant working


An administrative assistant is a vital member of any team and is often extremely helpful for any company or individual to have on staff.

An administrative assistant is responsible for assisting with Collecting data, coordinating projects, and optimizing procedures to contribute to cost savings.


Executive assistant taking notes while on a phone call


Executive assistants work for a company officer, either from home or the office. They possess the authority to make crucial decisions and act as a gatekeeper to the principal.
The Executive Assistant manages correspondence, calendaring, and travel arrangements, in addition to preparing research and communication.

The Executive Assistant understands in varying degrees the requirements of the executive, with an ability to decide which scheduled events or meetings are most appropriate for the allocation of the executive’s time.


Office manager working on a laptop

Office Manager

Office managers are business professionals who are responsible for a diverse set of administrative tasks. Office managers’ duties can vary significantly based on the size and type of organization of employment.

Typical duties include organizing meetings and managing databases, booking transport and accommodation, organizing company events or conferences, ordering stationery and furniture, dealing with correspondence, complaints, and queries, preparing letters, presentations, and reports, and supervising and monitoring the work of administrative staff.

Estate manager working on a laptop


A director of operations is a key figure in the corporate world, overseeing and guiding a company’s operational functions. The phrase was first used in the early 20th century to formalize the job of directing and supervising operational workings.

A director of operations is a key figure in the corporate world, tasked with overseeing and guiding a company’s operational functions. The phrase was first used in the early 20th century to formalize the job of directing and supervising operational workings.

Person holding a stack of twenty dollar bills


A payroll administrator is a crucial member of any organization, responsible for handling the minute details of employee compensation and remuneration efficiently and with the utmost accuracy to detail.

Payroll administrators now have sophisticated software at their disposal to handle employee payroll and taxation thanks to the development of technology.

Receptionist typing on a keyboard


A receptionist is a part of the company’s administrative team, serving as the first point of contact for visitors and clients.

A receptionist must have excellent communication skills to convey information accurately and effectively, whether over the phone or face-to-face.

Domestic Staffing Specialties

Butler holding a bass bell


The Butler is customarily responsible for a single residence, supervising household staff, setting up the household, and ensuring all duties are fulfilled. Typical duties include ordering household supplies, setting and serving a formal table, caring for the silver, china, and crystal, and overseeing dinner parties and other events held in the home.

A Butler should have good knowledge of wines and may be required to use a computer.


Companion helping elderly lady


A Companion offers emotional support to those in need, in addition to the tasks of those done by a caregiver.

A Companion may assist with ordinary tasks such as meat preparation, housekeeping tasks, and small errands, but with an additional focus on being emotional and social support.


Caretaker helping resident with their property


A caretaker is a highly skilled professional whose primary goal is to maintain the pristine state of a property or establishment.

A caretaker on a residential estate may provide several benefits to the property and its tenants. They are in charge of managing a property’s day-to-day activities and ensuring it is running seamlessly.


A caregiver reading a book with an elderly lady


Caregivers help with every aspect of daily living, from driving to appointments and companionship to housekeeping and personal assistance. They help you live safely and comfortably at home.

Caregivers may assist with meal preparation and clean-up, light housekeeping and home maintenance, shopping and errands, bathing, and/or standby assistance with bathing, dressing, and calendaring/daily reminders.


Smiling chauffeur sitting in the driver's seat


A Chauffeur will typically be responsible for driving family members and guests to social and professional appointments. He or she is also expected to care for the car, making sure it is always clean and operating properly.


A Chauffeur may also be required to work in the office of the employer, doing filing or faxing, and maybe even do errands. Often the hours vary, so flexibility is important.

A private chef cutting vegetables


A Chef prepares detailed basic and gourmet menus and food for most or all family and social events. A Chef may also prepare meals for the staff.


The household Chef is responsible for anything food or kitchen-related, including organization, clean up, shopping for all food-related supplies, and menu planning.