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Coronavirus, and all of its byproducts of it, has affected everyone differently. But for kids, a common theme has been a loss. It’s left parents struggling with how to best guide and support their kids during this unique time. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is unlikely to disappear before school resumes, and therefore, the first step every parent/childcare provider needs to take is to talk with kids about why schools are closed, and why self-isolation is so critical.

Keep in mind that you never know what incorrect, and possibly alarmist, ideas about COVID-19 your kids learned online or from friends. Hold frequent family meetings to allow children to voice their fears and to discuss and create family rules and routines for safe practices. To keep children’s minds stimulated, and everyone as sane and happy as possible, while schools are closed due to the coronavirus, here’s an online learning resource you can use.

Many profit-based learning companies are offering their resources for free during this time that parents from all around the world can use. Varsity Tutors is one such platform. It is one of the largest live learning platforms in the United States and has numerous free resources to help students and nannies/parents cope with school and summer camp closures. Their free Virtual Summer Camp classes are absolutely useful for parents and nannies/babysitters.

They offer a range of classes, such as:

Virtual School Day:

Nearly 200 free, live K-12 classes available all day long intended to help parents/nannies fill their children’s day with enriched learning. Some popular classes are “Intro to Spanish for Kids”, “Coolest Women in History”, “Java Programming Basics”, and “The Story of Your Favorite Fairy Tales”. Raiders of Lost Civilizations for Grades 4-5 and Pre-Reading Super Skills for Grades K 1.

Virtual Summer Camps:

Free half-day summer camps are a week-long, with enrichment-based classes in subjects like foreign languages, chess, theater, coding, Minecraft, how to be a detective, photography, and more. These live, interactive camps will be taught by expert instructors vetted through the Varsity Tutors platform.

Adaptive Diagnostic Assessments: Measure a student’s proficiency and identify strengths and weaknesses in hundreds of subjects. Get an effective learning plan along with free tools to improve.

Varsity Learning Tools: More than 250,000 free practice problems in over 200 subjects. Also available as a mobile application.

Varsity claims to have received exceptional ratings from thousands of parents and students and already has 300+ camps scheduled for the summer and 2,000 families per day signing up.

You can also explore the catalog below to see why they’re so enthusiastic to share their free resources!

Virtual Summer Camp Catalog –

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