Full-Service Co-Employment

Professional and domestic workers can no longer be classified as independent contractors; they are employees. Additionally, most households and individuals are not adequately set up to legally employ professional and domestic workers. This means, among other things, the employer must file a W-2 with the IRS instead of 1099. All relevant taxes must be filed as an employer and adherence to state and federal laws regarding work hours, payment, sick leave, and breaks.

Riveter consulting charges an hourly bill rate for hours worked by the employee for our clients needing this service. All necessary payroll tax withholdings, tracking, and Riveter will handle compliance on behalf of our clients. A fee is added to the bill rate for Riveter to cover our costs of administration.

Services include:

  • All federal and state income tax withholdings
  • Workers compensation insurance and claims administration
  • Covers state mandated medical leave
  • Health benefits
  • Weekly payroll administration to ensure state and federal compliance
  • Administration of all other required federal and state employment reporting rules and guidelines.