Beverly Hills couple is looking for a discreet and hard working house manager who has no issues getting their hands dirty. The house is a brand new build, but things can always act up. This candidate would need to feel comfortable rolling up his/her sleeves to troubleshoot any issues. Candidates must have a team mentality. No task is too big or small. Although this role is titled “House Manager,” the candidate will be in a supervisor position and report to the Director of Estates.

Attributes we are looking for:

  • Attitudes that reflect our own: confident, positive, and honest. You must be willing to hit the ground running to manage all aspects of a newly built Beverly Hills Estate and the dynamics of a new staff.
  • A self-starter that is 100% comfortable owning their workload from start to finish.
  • Fueled by integrity, professionalism, and understands the industry: no detail is too small and no challenge is too great.
  • Ability to effectively prioritize simultaneous tasks and manage them for a timely completion.
  • Highly creative and ability to take on new tasks in stride.
  • Excellent time management and is well-organized to leverage existing resources and create new ones to maximize productivity.
  • A clear understanding of industry anonymity and how to implement discretion in both public and private settings.

General Management & Administrative – Property :

  • Minimum 3-5 years in a management role of a high-end estate
  • Keep excellent awareness of owner routines and schedules to establish a successful flow of on-site owner support by utilizing staff and vendor services.
  • Keep excellent and constant communication with management team.
  • Ensure impeccable upkeep of the interior, exterior, and shared spaces.
  • Meet, receive, review, oversee vendor contracts.
  • Liaise with management team for larger projects and contracts.
  • Be onsite to manage vendor projects within the timeline and budget with quality of work as the utmost priority.
  • Diligently document projects through well organized photo, spreadsheet, and note taking catalogues.
  • Comfortable to step in and physically help with small household tasks and handyman items when required.
  • Assist with placing hardware, furniture, art, and any property assets into use.
  • Prepare and present monthly property reports (completed items, upcoming work, etc.).
  • Coordinate shipping/receiving requests.
  • Request financial transactions as needed (e.g. wire requests, credit card payments, vendor invoices).
  • Create, add, and implement routine property checklists and maintenance reports.
  • Other duties as assigned.

General Management & Administrative – Staff :

  • Minimum 3-5 years in a management role of estate staff
  • Create a healthy working environment for staff to feel welcomed, comfortable, and the ability to strive for excellence.
  • Determine staff schedules for successful owner support.
  • Uphold absolute quality of work in staff.
  • Be comfortable to give and receive constructive criticism to staff when needed.
  • Comfortable to onboard and offboard staff effectively and professionally.

General Management & Administrative – Personal :

  • Ensure effective tracking of short and long term provisioning, shopping and stocking of all household items.
  • Ensure dry cleaning is accurate and to the owners preferences.
  • Review expiry dates and replace items when needed or requested.
  • Diligently document personal items through well organized photo, spreadsheet and note taking catalogues.
  • When needed, help to coordinate personal shipping/receiving requests.
  • Request personal financial transactions as needed (e.g. credit card payments, vendor invoices).
  • Other duties as assigned.

Property Maintenance :

  • Establish and complete pre-arrival, post-departure, monthly, quarterly, annual and seasonal maintenance checklists at each property.
  • Identify and implement preventative maintenance programs that minimize equipment failures and downtimes with minimal inconvenience to the owners. (e.g. furnace replacement, exterior/interior painting, HVAC duct cleaning).
  • Coordinate with our IT team on the installation, setup and updating of all on-site technology with utmost focus on security and reliability.
  • Act as the first responder on equipment and appliance issues, including alarm systems, TVs, sound systems, fans, and all other appliances and equipment.
  • Understand, monitor, and properly respond to house operation and warning systems.
  • Maintain records of the house systems, track warranties, filter changes and appliance repairs, smoke and fire alarm servicing, maintain and update emergency supplies.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Project Management :

  • Manage on site improvement projects, structural and cosmetic changes and upgrades, oversee installation of residential equipment, furnishings and fixtures, and manage projects for requested décor changes.
  • Provide in person general construction oversight; obtain proposals, contractor’s bids, and contracts as well as reviewing schedules and cost controls on all approved projects.
  • Oversee contractors and permit specialists.
  • Ensure projects progress on budget and on time. Identify problems and implement creative and efficient solutions.
  • Source and retain architects and designers, where necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Skills :

  • Comprehensive knowledge of all Gsuite applications and how to integrate this platform as the primary means of communication.
  • Very strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Decent handyman skills; light carpentry, plumbing, low voltage, painting preferred but not required.
  • Comfortable around physical, residential, and cyber security platforms preferred but not required.
  • A robust knowledge of Beverly Hills vendors that are experienced with high-end clients is a MUST.
  • Knowledge of Savant home automation preferred but not required.
  • Conversational Spanish preferred but not required.