Light Housekeeping VS Full-Charge Housekeeping

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Do you know the difference?


TIP ALERT: Make sure if you’re putting these terms on your resume you have an understanding of the definitions

Light Housekeeping in terms of tasks, should be thought of as things completed by a personal assistant

The duties may include:

  • watering plants
  • dusting off surfaces
  • dusting off surfaces
  • picking up newspapers, magazines, and other clutter
  • meal prep
  • clearing away the dishes

Depending on the client and family needs, light housekeeping can also include emptying the trash, vacuuming, and are those that maintain an orderly living space that allows the person being cared for to exist in a clean environment with peace of mind that daily tasks are completed for them. Sweeping of main walk areas, organizing of drawers, shelves and closets are some additional tasks light housekeeping can entail. Light housekeeping essentially is completing the specific tasks required to tidy up areas that a client uses.

What light housekeeping doesn’t include is heavy duty cleaning tasks such as; deep cleaning, moving heavy furniture, washing windows, cleaning carpets, or scrubbing floors. It may also include outside chores, such as shoveling snow off sidewalks, raking, or mowing the grass.

Full-charge Housekeeping in terms of role, a full-charge housekeeper or executive housekeeper typically oversees the overall household and maintenance management 

Duties may include:

  • deep cleaning
  • maintaining marble and antique surfaces
  • entire household laundry
  • related shopping/household errands
  • maintaining a clean and organized kitchen, bathrooms, lounges, and bedrooms

Where as light housekeeping is offered as part of a home service, a full-charge housekeeper typically oversees the overall household management and maintenance and acts as a resource for larger businesses such hotels, concierge companies and upscale homes and mansions.




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