Riveter Consulting Group is now seeking Junior Landscape Gardeners who will be trained by our client’s Senior Gardener, manager, and learn from their present team of 7-8 gardeners. They will be working at the smaller properties (approx. 6). It is a very entry-level position with a huge opportunity for upward growth, and in some ways may be like a mentorship. Our client is looking for someone who is passionate about landscaping and wants to truly learn the profession. Someone who wants landscaping to be their career not just a job for money. Covid vaccines and boosters are mandatory and the whole staff gets regularly tested every Monday by a third party. Soft skills are hugely important – socially adept, team player, experience working with a full staff, passionate about landscaping, gets along with others, no room for competitive behavior, everyone works well together and enjoys what they do.


40hrs guaranteed must be flexible


$40/hr, payroll