Riveter Consulting Group is working with a client in Miami Beach, Florida who is hiring a full-time House Manager/Assistant. They are looking for someone who can ensure a smooth, day-to-day operation of the property and staff, manage vendors and contractors, assist with personal and business tasks as needed, do daily walk-throughs of the property, and have strong communication skills. Duties will include; acting as a first point of contact with the principal, checking the household schedule for appointments and deliveries, overseeing any projects or renovations, scheduling, all vendors, conducting maintenance, scheduling, assisting with planning, private events, such as dinner parties, or events, answering correspondence, managing appointments, Maintenance and overseeing of vehicles, arrange travel, and running errands. Must be local to the Miami area. Must have at least five years relevant experience, must be fluent in English and Spanish, be proactive and self-motivated, and have strong communication skills.