Riveter Consulting Group is now hiring a Landscape Gardner in Atherton, CA. The Landscape Gardener will be responsible for day-to-day landscape gardening for the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds of the Property, including irrigation, planting, pruning, shaping, fertilizing, pest management, and overall health and wellbeing of the landscape and hardscape on the Property.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

Responsible for day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the grounds of the Property, including the following functions:

  • Assist to maintain the irrigation system to operational standards and report any problems immediately to the Landscape Manager
  • Maintain all lawns to specified heights and requirements using the assigned equipment
  • Prune and shape hedges and shrubs to the design specifications and as directed by the Landscape Manager
  • Assist with implementation of a fertilization program for all areas of the grounds by measuring and applying the appropriate amounts, types, and applications for lawns, ground covers, shrubs, and trees
  • Maintain and implement a plan for pest management for all types of pests that may be found in the estate grounds
  • Assist to maintain and implement clean and tidy property grounds free from leaves, debris, and soils by executing a daily site cleanliness program
  • Monitor and communicate soil conditions, both wet and dry, to the Landscape Manager and report any problems immediately to the Landscape Manager
  • Provide office support by assisting with landscape record keeping, updating maintenance documents, and documenting work progress
  • Maintain all equipment, storage and service areas, and landscape products in a highly clean, organized, and consolidated manner and report any problems immediately to the Landscape Manager
  • Maintain all hardscape to a level of no stains or problems within your control and report any problems to the Landscape Manager
  • Other related duties as assigned by the Landscape Manager

Minimum Qualifications: Experience, Skills, and Certifications:

  • Significant proven experience as a Landscape Gardener
  • Working knowledge of landscape and hardscape maintenance practices and techniques
  • Working knowledge of supplies and equipment used in landscape and hardscape maintenance
  • Possess valid unrestricted driver’s license, adequate vehicle insurance coverage, and vehicle for use in performing job duties and travel among the Properties

Expected Work Habits:

  • Be prompt and on time to all meetings, scheduled work, and all timelines established by the Landscape Manager
  • Organized, efficient, punctual, reliable, proactive, self-starter
  • Personable and able to work with various individuals effectively
  • Flexibility, integrity, and creative problem-solving skills
  • Must have and express a positive approach to problems and situations that may arise

Physical Demands and Requirements:

  • Able for full-time active landscape work in and around the grounds of the Property
  • Able to work in various weather conditions
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs. safely on a consistent basis
  • Must be able to work on various slopes, grades, and on various surfaces including lawns, tarps, concrete, soil, mulched areas, and other hardscapes
  • Able to reach, bend, stoop, lift, carry, move typical landscape items including furniture
  • Able to use stairways, landscape ladders, or step stool
  • Able to operate all landscape and grounds equipment and furnishings, and equipment, tools, and appliances for maintenance and upkeep of the Property
  • Able to tolerate normal exposure to typical landscape, hardscape, and pest control chemicals, equipment noise, and daily exposure to elements
  • Able to use a standard computer, telephone, and related equipment for communication and recordkeeping
  • Able to provide limited on-call availability and responsiveness during non-business hours
  • Able to travel to local destinations without personal assistance
  • Compliance with the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy