Riveter Consulting Group is now hiring a Household Manager/Personal Assistant candidate who is highly ethical, discreet and a natural leader with strong multi-year experience with UHNW employer(s). The candidate values protecting the privacy of the Principals. The candidate is self-motivated, loves to proactively bring solutions, is even-tempered and enjoys facing challenges with a “can-do” and “I’ll figure it out” attitude. The candidate is upbeat, positive and a collaborator. The candidate is a forward-thinker who excels at looking ahead and anticipating needs. The candidate excels at interpersonal interactions and has strong intuition when working with or supervising people. The candidate is comfortable with travel and flexibility to be available when needed to help family. The position is a hybrid role — 3 days working from the Principals’ household (UWS) and 2 days working from the employee’s own home. Summer in-person days are in the Hamptons where housing is provided.

The candidate can handle multiple projects, with multiple deadlines, working with different personalities. The candidate is well-organized, reliable and has solid technology skills. The candidate has strong attention to detail with thoughtful and thorough work habits. The candidate is a proactive agent for continued improvement, and graciously gives and accepts feedback. The candidate has a passion for excellence.

Specific responsibilities include:

General Management & Administrative

  • Hire, train and manage employees (6 at present), vendors and contractors as needed to ensure excellent service consistent with Principals’ overall objectives
  • Negotiate contracts/service agreements, review and submit for approval by Principals
  • Ensure terms are an accurate reflection of services provided and reflect Principals’ confidentiality requirements
  • Work closely with Family Office on all property related bill pay. Receive and review bills, submit for processing
  • Work closely with the Family Office on all employee matters. Manage payroll approvals for household/property related employees
  • Manage staff, train new staff to the standards expected, manage schedules and number of needed employees to have full-time 7 day a week help – 6am-8pm generally
  • Manage employee travel schedules with family as needed
  • Handle any staff-related issues
  • Review staff’s performance
  • Work closely with Office security team and Family Office to ensure appropriate background checks are completed on employees and vendors
  • Help maintain robust files on all properties, vehicles and property-related assets
  • Make sure cars are washed and always gassed
  • Request financial transactions as needed to make sure vendors are paid on time
  • Coordinate with internal and external parties on Principals’ travel logistics. To and from airport, food for plane, transportation at destination, staff to join, reservations etc.
  • Other duties as assigned

Household Management of Residences:

  • Daily coordination and establishment of priorities with caretakers/chef/housekeepers in light of weekly schedule and upcoming travel and possible changes
  • Coordinate upcoming parties/events with chef or catering including menu, rentals, securing servers, and kitchen help, decorations, name cards and valet parking
  • Manage household staff to ensure responsibilities are performed (housekeeping, chef and others)
  • Provide direction to housekeeping staff on cleaning related issues
  • Create, maintain and manage lists of service deliverables, including daily, weekly, monthly schedules and special project needs (e.g. vacuum upholstery, reorganize attic, trim trees, pest control, gutter cleanouts, exterior window cleaning, outdoor furniture protection, garden soil prep)
  • Review deliverables and ensure work is completed in line with client expectations
  • Review and approve hourly inputs and payroll for household staff
  • Oversee larger scale household projects such as construction, interior design and landscape design including securing bids and participating where appropriate in meetings with caretakers and sub-contractors

Events Coordination:

  • Work with Principals, work team, vendors and other services providers to manage and implement on-site needs for events (catering, cleaning, parking service, garden preparations, etc.)

Property Maintenance:

  • Establish weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and seasonal property maintenance requirements for each property. Schedule, oversee and ensure completion
  • Implement preventative maintenance programs that minimize equipment failures and down times with minimal inconvenience to the Principals. (e.g. furnace replacement, exterior/interior painting, HVAC duct cleaning)
  • Coordinate with IT provider on the installation, set-up and updating of all on-site technology with utmost focus on security and reliability
  • Understand, monitor, and properly respond to house operation and warning systems via household management teams
  • Maintain records of the house systems, track warranties, filter changes and appliance repairs, smoke and fire alarm servicing, maintain and update emergency supplies
  • Coordinate with housekeeper regarding maintenance matters and on-site vendor management, when needed and appropriate

Property Assets:

  • Assist with procuring and placing furniture, art, vehicles and other property assets into use.
  • Coordinate with appropriate parties to ensure all registrations and insurance needs are met.
  • Ensure vehicles are well maintained in ready condition. Ensuring cleanliness inside and out, re-fueling, readiness for use, and that insurance cards and registrations are up to date and processed in a timely manner. Manage preventative care (i.e. rotating tires, checking oil and water levels, keeping battery water at proper level, ensuring oil is changed and vehicles are lubricated as required)

Purchases & Construction:

  • As needed, collaborate on the purchase of new properties
  • Coordinate new construction projects, structural and cosmetic changes and upgrades, oversee the installation of residential equipment, furnishings and fixtures, and manage projects for requested décor changes
  • Provide general construction oversight, including obtaining proposals, contractor’s bids, and contracts as well as reviewing schedules and cost controls on all approved projects
  • Stand in Principals’ shoes to manage all construction related matters
  • Ensure projects progress smoothly and in line with Principals’ expectations. Identify problems and implement creative and efficient solutions
  • Work with security and technology specialists to ensure robust systems are put in place.
  • Escalate matters requiring Principals’ involvement or decision-making
  • Determine staffing and vendor needs for new properties; identify resources and put in place.
  • Review expenditures and coordinate with others to ensure appropriate tax related costs are captured (special tax deductions etc)
  • The candidate should be forward-thinking, helping to ensure family needs are met no matter how small the details (attention to detail and Principals’ best interests must always be top-of-mind. Utmost discretion and confidentiality are paramount)


$175,000-225,000/year DOE & Full Benefits