Riveter Consulting Group is now hiring a Head Chef for Yacht. This position will work closely with the Executive Chef facilitating the preparation of the highest standard, nutritious and health-focused cuisine, designing menus according to the Principal’s preferences. The position is also responsible for managing the galley, both operationally and financially, and overseeing the crew’s food preparation, focusing on a healthy and varied diet. The current travel schedule is 4-5 months out of the year.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Plan the highest standard, health-focused menus according to the Principal’s personal preferences, providing the Principal with a variety of healthful, creative, and interesting food and beverages
  • Prepare and serve the Principal, and any guests of the Principal, with up to three meals per day, on up to five days per week (the schedule will remain subject to change by the Principal)
  • Prepare in advance “ready to heat” meals for any number of days on which in-person meal service by the Head Chef is not expected
  • Help plan, prepare, and oversee catering for dinner parties, cocktail parties, holiday meals, luncheons, and other entertainment for the Principal’s guests
  • Responsible for overseeing that the crew receives a healthy and varied diet, the best that the budget allows
  • Responsible for the operational and financial management of the galley, including for all the orders placed by chefs, ensuring that the correct product is purchased and budgets are adhered to, and according to the Principal’s personal preferences
  • Responsible for the condition of all dry food and fresh produce, ensuring the excellent condition of the goods and expiration dates are monitored
  • Ensure that the galley, dry and cold stores, and all equipment are maintained to the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness
  • Assist the Executive Chef and the Captain with hiring, instructing, and directing any food service personnel needed for meals and events
  • Other duties as assigned by the Principal, the Executive Chef, and the Captain

Minimum Qualifications: Experience, Skills, and Certifications:

  • Culinary Arts degree
  • Experience working at five-star or recognized gourmet establishments
  • Ability to create inventive, original, and also nutritious, and balanced dishes on a regular basis
  • Must be open to working most holidays including Thanksgiving and New Year
  • Ability to adjust to schedule changes on short notice, staying positive and efficient
  • Ability to work under pressure with deadlines and changing priorities, maintaining a calm demeanor
  • Must have a keen understanding of food/kitchen sanitation and be able to maintain a neat and safe galley
  • High energy and ability to grasp new concepts quickly
  • Knowledge of safety standards as applied to yachts and similar vessels
  • Organized, efficient, punctual, reliable, creative
  • Ability to gracefully accept direct feedback
  • Must be able to handle very sensitive and highly confidential issues with diplomacy and discretion
  • Longevity in past positions with excellent references from past employers

Expected Work Habits:

  • Be prompt and on time for all meetings, scheduled work, and timelines
  • Maintain and enforce a safe and secure environment onboard, reporting any safety issues to the Safety Officer, and operational defects to the Chief Engineer
  • Efficient, punctual, reliable, proactive, and self-starter
  • Personable and able to work with various individuals effectively, including other members of the crew
  • Flexibility, integrity, and creative problem-solving skills
  • Must have and express a positive approach to problems and situations that may arise

Physical Demands and Requirements:

  • Able to work actively full-time in a kitchen environment, on a yacht
  • Able to reach, bend, stoop, lift, carry, use dexterity and communicate as needed in performing job duties
  • Able to travel extensively among the Properties without assistance, including traveling internationally
  • Possess valid unrestricted driver’s license, adequate vehicle insurance coverage, and vehicle for use in performing job duties and travel among the Properties
  • Able to use a standard computer, telephone, or other related equipment
  • Able to provide on-call availability and responsiveness during non-business hours
  • Authorized to work legally in the US and be willing to undergo an in-depth background investigation
  • Compliance with the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy