Riveter Consulting Group is assisting a family in Houston, Texas to unearth a full-time Executive Housekeeper. This is a family of four with a new baby. They currently employ one other Housekeeper, Laundress and a Nanny and are looking for an additional staff member who will be the Executive Housekeeper for the family. They are looking for someone who is a detailed Housekeeper, an excellent cook,- can meal prep once a week, can assist with household management duties, such as managing vendors, ordering supplies, scheduling repairs, running errands and shopping for the household. They’re looking for someone who is extremely proactive and will do the groceries and prepare 2 to 3 meals for the week to have in the fridge for the family and someone who can help mom with meal planning for the week. There is one dog in the home, so must be pet friendly. The family does travel a couple weeks at a time but no travel is needed for the Executive Housekeeper. Ideally, someone who has worked in a household with children and is comfortable around babies if mom needs a second set of hands at any moment, and is comfortable working with children.


The typical schedule is Monday to Friday 7 AM to 3 PM and will guarantee a 40 hour work week


$35 per hour on payroll , 2 PTO, health 401k