Riveter Consulting Group is now hiring a Director of Family Services in Colorado. This Director of Family Services (DFS) is responsible for providing oversight and participatory leadership of the household and property services teams currently caring for the Family’s residential portfolio in Colorado and other remote properties. The position serves as a lead Family representative overseeing the Household Manager, Facilities Manager, and third-party vendors. The DFS will split their time between the Family Office and the Household Office while taking a high-level strategic and proactive approach in planning for efficient operations. The DFS will collaborate closely with the Household Manager to maintain effective communication with the Principal and provide a highly responsive, high-touch level of availability for immediate Family needs. The DFS manages several direct reports, reviews and approves invoicing for third-party contractors and ensures adequate oversight for projects and initiatives being implemented across the portfolio of properties. Delegating responsibilities in order to ensure timely delivery of high service levels in the areas of: property management, household services, travel, events management, and general administration is key to success. The DFS is a collaborative leadership role and works closely with the Principal, Household Manager, Facilities Manager, and vendors to anticipate the Family’s needs and respond quickly to their requests. The DFS works closely with the Household Manager to coordinate household calendars and schedules while planning for and executing events and maintenance/repair activities with minimal Family disruption. The DFS will develop streamlined processes for management of vendor and service team scheduling to maximize Family privacy. This position requires occasional travel in support and oversight of remote team members and vendors. They will also work with the Household Manager and Facilities Manager to make recommendations for staffing needs, update protocols, and lead by setting the strongest example for the team. In all ways, the DFS represents the Family in the highest possible regard by carefully communicating with Family friends, associates, the team, and vendors as directed. The Family has a history of retaining valued staff and is seeking a long-term placement in this important role.


Mon – Friday 6 or 7 am until 3 pm

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Cultivate a proactive culture of planning across household and property teams in order to improve Family experience, productivity, and preparedness
  • Ensure unimpeachable delivery of all services and system operations by participating in and encouraging cross-group collaboration. Communicate clearly and consistently with all household & property team members and partners
  • Maximize the efficiency of operations across all properties and teams by encouraging exceptional team communication, information sharing, and collaboration
  • Institute weekly/monthly reporting protocols to keep the Family, extended team, household team, and properties team fully apprised of the status of all properties
  • Recommend staffing updates and organizational changes that will ensure peak performance by the team
  • Ensure the timely completion of 90-day and annual performance evaluations for all employees while providing real-time feedback as necessary to ensure peak performance
  • Coordinate with the Household Manager and administrative counterparts in the management of a dynamic calendar of professional and personal engagements for the Principal
  • Support the Facilities Manager to ensure the creation of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly task lists and provide direction on priorities and accountability for completion
  • Coordinate with the Household Manager and Facilities Manager in the setting of regular employee schedules and maintenance schedules
  • In partnership with the Facilities Manager, identify long-term professional property management resources for remote properties. Initiate and monitor work orders for maintenance staff
  • Oversee purchasing and inventory decision-making for outlying properties and employees
  • Demonstrate poise, grace, diplomacy, and the utmost professionalism in representing the Family to vendors and service providers
  • Provide oversight for managing & tracking of expenses and bills while collaborating closely with accounting partners in the Family Office. Assist in the preparation and minding of budgets as requested by the Family
  • Other duties as assigned

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of ten-plus years of relevant experience or equivalent combination of education and experience managing service delivery within a high-touch, action-oriented private household with exacting accountability levels
  • Adept in all areas of personal service, residential property and home management, hospitality and property oversight
  • Significant experience in quality service standards and execution, human resource talent acquisition, and “best practices”
  • Demonstrated experience in maintaining a private employer’s confidentiality, safety, security, and privacy
  • Superb written and oral communication skills; a gift for distilling information into concise verbal and written formats

Personal Qualities & Character

  • Creative, conscientious problem solver
  • Thoughtful and value-driven representative who carefully considers financial decisions with the Family’s best interests in mind
  • Capable of processing and working through the innumerous and sometimes difficult dynamics associated with working within the context of a Family with exceptionally full plates
  • Discreet and able to work independently as a leader and team member. The successful candidate will be a “self-starter” who can relate well with others in an organized and efficient manner
  • Possess a high level of accuracy, attention to detail, and follow-through
  • Critical thinker with the ability to exercise judgment, set priorities, and cope with competing demands
  • Excellent time-management and general organizational skills with the ability to effectively delegate
  • Enjoy working closely with Family members, employees, and vendors to promote a positive, productive, and congenial environment
  • Possess a hands-on, “No job too big or too small” attitude and keep a strong moral compass and sense of personal integrity
  • Unwavering ability to tackle difficult or challenging issues openly, with tact and candor