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How To Craft An Organized And Ridiculously Chic Luxury Closet

A closet isn’t always the first space that comes to mind when decorating, but it’s an important space that shouldn’t be overlooked. We share our top pointers for crafting an organized—and stylish—closet.

Go Custom

No matter what your current living situation is, built-in custom cabinetry will maximize your space and keep you organized all year round. With a generous amount of storage, your belongings stay beautifully organized and attainable. Not only do mornings run more smoothly, but all of a sudden your outfit options seem limitless.

Neatly Organized Closet

Try a mix of Open and Closed Storage

Varying the types of storage in a closet is not just more visually appealing, but it’s also a way to make the space more functional. A mixture of closed and open storage is a must so that some pieces can be displayed and others kept out of site.


Eliminate Items

Now that you have a custom closet system, get rid of unneeded items. How many times have you stood in front of your closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear?” We all do it, and then we buy more clothes only to neglect them in the backs of our wardrobes.
Instead of continuing this vicious cycle, create three piles – one to keep, one to donate, and one to toss. Count on your loved ones to tell you the truth about how you look in each outfit and then distribute garments accordingly.

Go for Mirrored Doors

While mirrors enhance the look of a closet design, they’re also a necessity. “Mirrors indoors are a must to allow a 360-view of the items when on.

Hooks are your Friends

Hooks can be handy for hanging clothes you plan to wear later in the day, or items that aren’t necessarily dirty or clean. “Hooks are your friends, like for that jacket that’s not really dirty but not really clean, and you just want to air it out. You can also use hooks to store purses, belts and other accessories. Install hooks on the inside of your closet door or on an empty wall to maximize your space.

Use Trays for Small Items

While hooks and shelves are useful for larger items, you’ll need a place to catch rings, bracelets, and other small items. And if you put a photo and candle in it and really style it, it’ll prevent you from cluttering that space.

Invest in Velvet Hangers

If you really want your closet to look organized, opt for uniform hangers. Have all the same types of hangers to eliminate the visual noise in the closet. You can’t overestimate the difference it makes. If you need to maximize space, we recommend Velvet hangers. They add a high-end look, treat your clothes nicely, and double the number of items you can hang.

Closely Packed Shirts Hanging in a Closet

Add a Place to Sit

Make sure your walk-in closet is a sit-in closet too. Have a space for sitting, perhaps a place to sit down and put jewelry on.

Neatly Organized Closet

Light Up

Lighting plays a major role in closet design. In order to make all your contents fully visible, integrate a combination of energy-efficient options, including LED strip lights and touch dimmer, as well as under-mounted shelf lights and drawer sensors. Efficient closet lighting options will put your wardrobe in full view early in the mornings and in the evenings when dressing rooms are used most.

Neatly Organized Closet

Corral Clothing

It’s immensely helpful to group similar items together when organizing your closet. Group clothes by category or by color. Be sure to place the items you wear more often in front so you can visualize your entire wardrobe and decide if there are any other items you want to eliminate.

Neatly Organized Closet

Rack your Shoes

There’s something very appealing about having your items neatly displayed – especially when it comes to shoes. Consider installing wide shoe shelves on a slant for easy access. This will allow you to identify and grab your favorite footwear quickly and easily.

Neatly Organized Closet

Add a Rug for Coziness underfoot

One thing most people forget to do: actually clean their closets. Sweep and mop the floors, dust, and disinfect. Then, add a rug to make your closet feel as comfy as any other living space

Neatly Organized Closet

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