Private Educator teaching a child

How to Become a Private Educator- What You Need to Know

Private Educator teaching a child

Private educators are vital in providing personalized and effective student learning experiences. They work closely with individual pupils or small groups, tailoring their teaching methods to meet each student’s unique needs. If you aspire to become a private educator, there are essential steps and considerations you should be aware of to excel in this rewarding profession.

Acquire Expertise and Experience

Becoming a successful private educator hinges on a robust educational background and expertise in your chosen subject. Private educators typically boast years of experience from diverse backgrounds, including public and private schools, tutoring companies, and other educational settings.

Define Your Focus

Defining your focus by deciding on the subjects and grade levels you wish to specialize in is essential to establishing yourself as a private educator. This clear focus will enable you to tailor your teaching approach and attract potential students seeking assistance in those areas.


Before marketing yourself as a private educator, take the time to work out all the details of your pitch. Approaching this process with a professional stride involves making important decisions. Determine the age groups you are most interested in teaching and whether you prefer conducting sessions in students’ homes, your residence, or another suitable location like a café or library.


Consider the materials you will need to provide, such as stationery or printed worksheets, and what you may request your employer to furnish, such as pens, highlighters, or reading materials.


If you intend to balance teaching with other commitments like your studies or another job, develop a clear schedule outlining the hours you can allocate. Having a well-defined plan, you can effectively communicate your availability and commitments to potential clients.

Comply with Regulations

Familiarize yourself with the legal and regulatory requirements for private educators in your region. Some places may require certifications or licenses to operate as a private educator.


If you will be working with children under 18, arranging a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is strongly advised, as employers often request it when recruiting a private educator.


The DBS check is a background check that reveals any criminal records. You can request a basic check, or an employer or agency can obtain a more advanced check if necessary. These checks are standard practice for anyone working with young people and are relatively straightforward to obtain.

Develop Customized Teaching Materials

To maximize your effectiveness as an educator, develop customized teaching materials that align with your student’s learning goals and the curriculum they follow. Creating personalized lesson plans and resources can enhance the learning experience by catering to students experiencing difficulties. These can be in specific subjects, exam pressures, data memorization, and argument construction challenges.


If someone seeks a private educator, a well-planned strategy is essential to meet their expectations for improved grades and a positive educational experience. Be it to address homeschooling needs or maintain continuity during travels. Taking on this position of trust requires careful consideration and dedication to tailoring your teaching approach to meet individual needs effectively.

Set Clear Policies and Rates

Establishing a successful teaching practice is paramount to setting clear policies and rates. You can establish transparency by defining the length and frequency of sessions, outlining cancellation procedures, and specifying your fees. Communicating these rates and policies to potential clients ensures clarity.


If you are a private educator, be ready to discuss payment arrangements with your clients, addressing when and how you will be paid for your services. You must prioritize open communication to reach a mutual understanding regarding lesson cancellations and holiday arrangements. You can establish a firm foundation for your professional relationship from the outset.


Furthermore, educating yourself on declaring your earnings if you operate as a freelance professional is essential. Taking on this nature of work necessitates your legal responsibility to declare your income and fulfill appropriate tax obligations.

Foster a Positive Learning Environment

For an educator, it is mandatory to prioritize creating a welcoming and nurturing space where students feel at ease. Being able to express their doubts and difficulties fosters a positive learning environment. Encouraging open communication and building a strong rapport with your students ensures a positive and productive learning experience.


Exceptional communication skills enable you to effectively convey concepts, coordinate schedules, and gain the trust of parents who entrust their children to you. You can inspire, guide and propel them toward success by working one-on-one with young individuals. No matter where your expertise comes from- whether it’s from your education, experience in another field, or teaching career, your major focus should always be being able to convey your message.

Embrace Continuous Learning

Embracing continuous learning is paramount for teachers to excel in their roles. You must keep abreast of the latest teaching methodologies, educational technologies, and subject-specific developments. They enhance your teaching skills and help you adapt to the evolving needs of your students.


While fostering a passion for broader learning is important, your primary focus should be steering your students toward achieving the best exam results. It involves ensuring your students possess in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of their current syllabus.


As an educator, you play a crucial role in identifying and addressing gaps in your students’ understanding, necessitating a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of their curriculum. Engage in ongoing research to discover effective exam preparation tips and techniques, such as revision planning and mind maps.


You can also teach your students tools like breathing exercises and active breaks to maximize focus. Also, identifying their learning styles – visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic will influence each student’s most effective learning approaches.


You should also sharpen your time management skills, setting a stellar example for your students as you teach them how to develop their time management capabilities. Additionally, possessing strong IT skills will be necessary. It is especially important to source teaching materials online and communicate with students via email. It will also allow you to use documents and spreadsheets to manage lesson plans, scheduling, and accounts, making your job much easier.

Build a Strong Portfolio

Preparing in advance and having your CV and references readily available for prospective clients will expedite recruitment and instill trust as you venture into a private education arrangement with a family.


Craft a professional portfolio highlighting your qualifications, teaching experience, and positive testimonials from satisfied students or parents. This well-organized portfolio will inspire confidence in potential clients and set you apart in a competitive market.

Get Yourself Out there

As a private educator, there are two distinct routes to consider for building your client base- self-employment or working through an agency.


Opting for self-employment allows you to set your schedule, choose your students’ age groups, and determine your rates. Conduct thorough research to understand the local market and the value of your services. Effective methods for finding students include online advertising, local venue postings, and word-of-mouth referrals as you build a reputation for delivering excellent results.


Working through an agency like RCG can offer a steady and consistent stream of clients. We can connect you with households seeking professionals if you meet our requirements. Don’t hesitate to apply now.

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