Belle Maison Agency is now hiring an experienced Domestic Couple (Chef/Cook and House Manager) for an ultra-high-net-worth residence in Sacramento, CA. The ideal candidates are sophisticated, professional and work well with a team. The culture of the home is informal; however, the expectations for quality service and efficiency are high. Must be an experienced Couple Team with the knowledge and skill needed to run a high-end home and manage the smooth running of home activities


  • Days: M-F
  • Time: TBD

Chef/Cook Responsibilities:

  • Overall responsibility for the kitchen operation, including meal planning, purchasing of food and supplies, meal preparation, and serving
  • Learn the family’s dietary needs and culinary preferences
  • Purchase high-quality ingredients
  • The family enjoys healthy cuisine, gourmet and hearty family-style meals, and they frequently entertain for business and personal
  • Experience in cooking and preparing detailed menus and food for all social events
  • Maintain kitchen safety at all times to avoid risks of slips, falls, fires, and electrical hazards

House Manager Responsibilities::

  • Managing the household’s schedules and calendars
  • Event planning, organizing, and coordination
  • Arranging appointments for personal and professional needs
  • Scheduling home maintenance and repair work, and supervising the project
  • Handling household bills and administrative duties
  • Running errands and performing necessary tasks
  • Supervision of other household staff, such as housekeepers, private chefs, nannies or governesses
  • Shopping for food, supplies, and other requested items


  • Experience as a Couple, Cook and Household Manager
  • Hands-on experience for the upkeep of the home
  • Understanding of a smart home and computer skills
  • Driver’s license
  • Good English is a must
  • Character: Professional, capable, self-confident Warm personality
  • Strong communicator, both written and verbal and through digital mediums
  • Highly proactive and resourceful, able to solve problems with minimal oversight
  • High level of discretion, loyalty, and integrity
  • Highly organized & excellent eye for details

Compensation :

  • DOE, Payroll, medical and accommodations provided