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Helpful Tips To Make Moving Day Easy

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The act of moving into a new home sparks equal parts excitement and dread for most people. While the promise of new surroundings and a fresh start fills us with hopeful anticipation, packing up an entire household and transporting it across town or country is less thrilling.  Numerous studies confirm that moving ranks among many people’s most stressful life events. Here are some helpful tips to make moving day easy.

Get Organized

The better prepared you are in the weeks leading up to moving day, the smoother your actual move will be when the time comes. So, make detailed to-do checklists that outline everything you need to accomplish during your moving preparations.

Sit down with family members, roommates, or a moving partner and create comprehensive master packing checklists. These should include vital tasks like contacting utility companies for service cut-offs, forwarding mail to your new address, ordering packing materials and boxes, finalizing childcare for pets and kids on moving day, scheduling movers and van rentals, etc.

For each person’s specific packing responsibilities, create separate room-by-room inventories tallying what needs to be packed. Make a separate checklist covering items you’ll need access to during the move. Examples include medications, toiletries, device chargers, pet food, a clothing change, snacks and drinks, cleaning supplies in case of spills, and other immediate necessities.

As you methodically tick through pre-moving tasks, cross them off your master checklists. It will help you stay organized and avoid last-minute rush. Make copies so everyone involved can stay on track with the coordinated game plan.

Set a Realistic Budget

Knowing what you can afford to spend on your move will determine whether you can splurge on full-service movers or whether a rental truck DIY approach makes the most economic sense. Be realistic when calculating your moving costs, including transportation and labor costs, if hiring movers. Calculate storage fees if you plan to use the service. Take into account any additional cost that you may incur during the move.

Map it out on paper, spreadsheet, or app and get a total. If the total exceeds your limits, reassess what you can take on yourself, like packing or driving a rental vehicle, to cut costs. Knowing your financial limits removes a lot of stress.

Purge and Pack Smartly

Moving is the best time to purge the unused items and straight junk you’ve accumulated over the years. If you have not used it for more than six months, unless it is a seasonal item, it is wise to get rid of it. Hold garage sales, donate goods, recycle rather than pay to have unwanted stuff hauled away. Travel light wherever possible. You’ll end up packing lighter loads, which saves on transportation fees, too.

When it comes to packing, think unconventionally and maximize your use of space. Leave non-breakable wardrobe items and linens neatly arranged inside furniture drawers, simply securing the entire dresser shut with shipping tape rather than emptying contents into boxes. Carefully roll and tuck clean sock pairs and sheets inside dishware like makeshift packing material rather than purchasing costly bubble wrap.

Use suitcases and reusable shopping totes to transport loose accessories like hair dryers, desktop items, and kids’ toys that would otherwise take up valuable box room. Pack using a color coding system. Designate unique color stickers or bold markers for boxes going to specific rooms in your new home, labeling them clearly as you pack. It speeds up the unpacking process tremendously later on.

Hire Professional Help

It is best to hire professional help to help you move. While you may be tempted to ask your friends and family to help you move, it is not the best of the ideas. No matter how big and strong your friends are, they are not professional and lack necessities like expertise and insurance. It can cause injuries and damaged property. They might be more tempted to rush through the task than be thorough. Instead, hanging out with them while professional movers take over is better.

Shop around for a moving service that fits nicely into your budget. Thoroughly vet potential companies to find the best fit for your relocation needs. Get references from people you trust, and check to see that the company supplies documentation proving all proper licensing and insurance.

Ask questions upfront about what services are and aren’t included in their quote to avoid any payment disputes arising mid-move. Reputable movers who have been around for years are generally the most reliable since they depend heavily on word-of-mouth referrals. But check your background thoroughly, regardless, before you sign up. If you want to save yourself the hassle of doing so, contact us here. We will help you find the right movers as per your requirements.

The Moving Day Game Plan

When moving day finally arrives, you’ll be ready to spring into action and implement your game plan like a seasoned coach. Start by triple-checking your master packing checklists and confirming nothing crucial somehow still got left behind or left out of boxes. Before leaving, thoroughly sweep every room, closet, crawlspace, cupboard, and additional storage area. Look behind doors, under sink pipes, inside washer and dryers, etc.

Check to see if you have your essentials ready. See that your phone is charged and you have the power cord and charger. Have your essentials like your medicine and documents with you in person. Also, pack an emergency kit with snacks and essentials for unseen delays or vehicle breakdowns. Keep a bag of things you need at your new place so that you don’t have to start unpacking your bags immediately once you reach there.

Stick to that same positive mindset throughout the entirety of the moving day. Tackle inevitable problems as they pop up. Don’t panic no matter what unseen situations might arise. Keep a cool head and act rationally.

While each person’s moving experience has unique challenges, utilize these strategic tips for an easy, stress-reducing moving day. It can help transform what could have been a migraine-inducing mess into a smooth operation.

If you want professional help with moving, look no further than Riveter Consulting Group. We can help you connect with the right personnel for all your moving needs. Get started by messaging us, or you can reach us by phone at 1 855-444-2515.

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