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Five Benefits Of Hiring A Nanny

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Raising children and running a household are full-time jobs. Add into the mix a mom who works in or outside of the home, and there is too much to be done for one person to handle.

Hiring a nanny is a decision that requires a lot of thought. You need to consider what you are looking for in a nanny, your budget, and how much you would like them to work per week. If you are wondering if hiring a nanny is worth it, consider these five points below as you strive to make the best decision for you and your family.

Less Stress

With a nanny working in your home, you are likely to feel less stressed! There will be less housework to keep up with at the end of a long workday and you can even plan to have the nanny prep and make dinner. Perhaps the greatest part of all is that your children will have plenty of mental stimulation and physical play during the day and will be more than ready to just sit and snuggle with you in the evenings.

Educational Support

If you feel that your child needs education support outside of the classroom, your nanny should be able to accommodate some of their learning needs. One easy way for your nanny to have access to hundreds of books is to have her use your subscription to Epic or Reading IQ. She will be able to assist your child with reading practice just by reading aloud with them!

Free Time

Having a nanny watch over your children will allow you to run errands and meet up with the occasional friend for coffee! There is a lot of pressure to make sure your kids are well-socialized, but your well-being as a mom is often overlooked. You need to have time each week to interact with the world without your focus on making sure the kids are walking along nicely or not grabbing items off shelves.


Some parents like to find nannies who have skill sets and strengths that differ from their own. If you don’t prefer to be around the mess that arts and crafts often result in, then having a nanny who loves to work with glitter, paint, and sticky glue will make for a very well-rounded and wholesome upbringing for your children. You can even search for a nanny who speaks a second language and will be willing to immerse your children in the language while she is caring for them. What a valuable benefit to having a nanny in the home!


Nannies aren’t necessarily only for households with working parents. If you are a stay-at-home mom, having a nanny around can make your day more positive in many ways! First of all, you will have a friend to communicate with during the day. You will also have the ability to tag-team: the nanny can be in charge of taking the kids outside to play while you tidy up inside, clean the bathroom, or make dinner. It is very hard to accomplish such tasks when the children are the focus of all of your time. When the day is overwhelming and attitudes are atrocious, you and the nanny will be there to keep each other accountable and devise a plan to make the day a little brighter.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a nanny has benefits for both you and your children. You will experience a lighter workload at home, and your children will have another adult in their lives that they can trust and look up to as a role model.

Keep these points in mind as you consider if hiring a nanny is the right choice for your family.

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