Duties of a Modern Laundress

Imagine never having to wait for your clothes to be washed, ironed, repaired, or organized; everything you need is ready and exactly when you need it. A modern laundress can help you achieve that!

The meaning of laundress today has grown from the time when a laundress’s responsibilities were limited to washing, sanitizing, and ironing of linens and clothing.

In the “private service” of a large estate or household, a laundress cares for and maintains all the household linens and personal clothing of the Principal(s) and the family. A laundress is an expert with years of experience, can identify fabrics and has the knowledge of specific care in washing, pressing, stain removal and general wardrobe maintenance of the fabrics. They also possess specialized knowledge of luxury clothing care and green detergent products.

They carry the knowledge of modern washing and steaming equipment like digital washers, dryers and irons. They know how to best care for your clothing items, including how to hand wash, remove stains, organize, and store clothing.

Modern laundresses are skilled as tailors and seamstresses and are able to repair, alter and provide fittings for clients.

A laundress also handles the task of identifying and dropping clothing that needs dry cleaning to the dry cleaner’s, inventorying these items to keep track of what is at the cleaner’s, and then picking everything up as soon as it’s ready.

A laundress can also help you make the most of your closet’s storage system by storing away certain items until it’s the weather to wear them again.

If you’re packing for a trip, a laundress can make sure that everything you want to pack is clean and may even help you pack your clothings and accessories. This is a wonderful service for business travelers and busy couples and families who have multiple residences or who take frequent trips.

In addition to these common laundress tasks, a laundress may be asked to assist other members of the household staff with some of their overflow tasks. Laundresses may also be able to help out with basic cleaning chores, such as sweeping floors, dusting, cleaning surfaces, and straightening up cluttered spaces.

Benefits of Hiring a Laundress

Many busy professionals who work long hours, couples who travel frequently, and families with kids or pets can use the services of a lundress to ensure that clothes are always ready to wear and free up their time from the laundry chore. Having a laundress is especially helpful if you have a newborn baby in the house.

Laundresses are experts in all laundry matters and will also take better care of your clothes, undergarments, and linens adding more years to their life.

Responsibilities of a Laundress

Essential functions of the job may include:

  • Assuming full charge of household laundry, and ironing of clothes and linens
  • Having knowledge of a wide range of textiles and their specific care instructions
  • Mending of clothing (tears, rips, buttons, hems, etc..) and handling stain removal
  • Familiarity with eco-friendly, non-toxic options of cleansers and detergents
  • Organizing all household laundry, hanging and folding items into assigned closets.
  • Sorting and managing the drop off and pick up of clothing to the dry cleaner
  • Keeping an inventory of the seasonal wardrobes and preparing them for storage
  • Provide a supply of bed linen for live-in staff and keep guest bedrooms fresh and ready for occupants at all times
  • Seasonal organization of clothing
  • Among other duties, a laundress may help you out with the following tasks:

  • Cataloging designer and couture clothes and accessories
  • Conducting a ‘home detox’ by identifying toxic cleaners and replacing them with green cleaning practices
  • Packing and unpacking client’s and their families’ before and after travel
  • Liaising with vendors and contractors as required
  • Pet care and automobile carpet and upholstery cleaning

How to Hire a Laundress

A laundress may be hired part time or full time depending on the needs of the household.

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