Duties of a Gardener/ Landscaper

A landscape gardener designs, develops, maintains and remodels gardens and landscapes. The responsibility of a gardener is to maintain the beauty of plants, outdoor grounds, and trees in a garden.

To do this, they perform a range of general maintenance tasks including designing, fencing, decking, slab laying, woodworking, walling, operating a chipper, mower, strimmer, stump grinder, pressure washer, digger, dumper and other machinery.

Gardeners can work on local parks, hotels, private farms, or nurseries. Landscape gardening is very physical work; tasks can vary according to the season and weather conditions.

There are many landscaping specialists whose job duties play an important role in the health, well-being, and beauty of the landscapes we enjoy. Here are some of them:

Equipment Operators – Certain landscape projects, such as installation, require forklifts and bulldozers to move dirt, dig holes and carry heavy objects. Equipment operators, with proper on-the-job training, are often the first professionals to touch a new landscape project.

Hardscape Technicians – Install hardscape projects including patios, walkways, steps and retaining walls to complement the landscape on residential and commercial properties. These professionals have excellent planning and execution skills, and receive satisfaction from building a project from start to finish.

Installation Technicians – These professionals install flowers, shrubs, turf and trees and non-living elements like irrigation systems and hardscapes such as patios and retaining walls. Operators frequently use equipment, often heavy-equipment, to help with their jobs. Work is most always done outdoors and can be physically demanding. Those who are good at logistics generally excel in these positions.

Landscape Maintenance Technicians – These professionals keep landscapes looking beautiful.They work in residential and commercial settings pruning, mowing, mulching, edging, fertilizing, testing soil, aerating, etc.

Lawn Care Technicians – These professionals inspect and treat lawns to ensure their good health by applying fertilizer and other turf care products.

Irrigation Installation and Service Technicians – Properly designed and maintained sprinkler systems require professional service to ensure landscapes thrive. Irrigation technicians ensure they are in good working order using substantial problem-solving skills.

Tree and Plant Care Technicians – There is a lot of care required by trees and plants. Some must be done by trained and licensed arborists, while some maintenance work – like basic pruning – can be done by technicians, under the guidance of those knowledgeable about tree and plant science.

Landscaper/Gardener general responsibilities:

  • Maintaining the grounds and landscapes of private clients and businesses
  • Constructing small scale builds, such as decking areas and installing water fountains
  • Seeding and sodding lawns
  • Planting and maintaining lawns, flowers and shrubberies
  • Ensuring soil is kept in good condition by using suitable fertilisers
  • Clearing away leaves and snow from pathways
  • Using heavy equipment such as chainsaws
  • Preparing and grading terrain, applying fertilizers, and transplanting shrubs and plants, using manual and power-operated equipment
  • Mowing and trimming lawns, using hand mower or power mower
  • Cleaning grounds, using rakes, brooms, and hose
  • Spraying trees and shrubs, and applying supplemental liquid and dry nutrients to lawn and trees
  • Border and flower bed management
  • Perform basic maintenance such as emptying bins and managing weed control
  • Service all garden equipment and machinery
  • May dig trenches and install drain tiles
  • May make repairs to concrete and asphalt walks and driveways
  • Provide guidance to management on matters related to the garden
  • Advise management on the costs of plants and garden necessities with detailed written quotations and reports
  • Ensure a safe environment for staff and clients by adhering to safety and health regulations

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