DO’S & DON’TS For Traveling Nannies

Traveling Nannies
The summer has finally arrived and that means; Vacation Season! This means that you might need to act as a traveling nanny for your family. Being a traveling Nanny can be an immensely rewarding and beneficial experience, not only for the Nanny, as well as the family and principals. Although, as amazing as being a traveling nanny can be, many situations, in fact, don’t end as amazing as they are envisioned to be. Many families neglect to sit down and discuss Nanny expectations and duties during the vacation that are expected of the Nanny before departing. Here at Belle Maison, we’ve seen time and time again what works and what usually does not.

The following are some of our suggestions to not only assist in creating a vastly successful, but truly enjoyable vacation for everyone


While this may seem obvious, this is a very important conversation that should not be overlooked. The discussion should include the hours you will be expected to work, as well as whether your rate will be paid hourly or weekly. Any time spent working that exceeds the hours that were regulated should also be compensated for


Determining living arrangements before departing on your vacation is immensely imperative for a successful vacation assignment. Be sure to confirm living vacation arrangements, whether it’s staying with the children or in your own room. Make sure you’re 100% comfortable with your sleeping arrangements


Consider the role you’ll be playing and essentially being hired for. Will you be taking on the role of “mothers helper” where you’ll accompany the Mother on all activities and help by entertaining the kids? Talk to your Principals about the specific duties you’ll have during the vacation, it is important to indicate whether you’ll be working only during the times where you have the kids or if you’re expected to work throughout the vacation. Remember though the purpose of this travel is to be there for the family. This is not your personal vacation so make sure that your priority is to assist where ever help is needed


It’s always important to discuss with your Principals how you’re expense such a food will be taken care of during the vacation, and it’s important to suggest a budget set up so you’re fully aware of what will be covered





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