What is Corporate Staffing?

Corporate staffing is the strategic business or corporate recruitment that involves identifying, hiring, and managing personnel. It is one of the ways of ensuring that the right skills and talent are placed in the corporate environment to achieve its objectives. It plays a vital role in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. The identifying process often involves creating detailed job descriptions, utilizing recruitment channels, conducting interviews, and evaluating candidates’ qualifications and cultural fit within the company. Once the personnel are hired, they are introduced to the company’s culture, policies, and procedures. It also analyzes current and future staffing needs based on business goals and market trends.

Why Choose Riveter Consulting Group for your Corporate Staffing?

Riveter Consulting Group is renowned for its exceptional ability to collaborate with some of the most prominent personalities, including entertainers, athletes, and ultra-high-net-worth clientele. Our candidates possess a unique 24/7 mindset, always ready to adapt and excel in high-pressure environments. Moreover, they are characterized by an unwavering commitment to discretion and confidentiality, ensuring that the personal and executive tasks they handle remain protected and private. With a flexible and agile approach, our team at Riveter Consulting Group is dedicated to meeting the diverse and dynamic needs of our esteemed clients.

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What Riveter Does Different

Our unwavering commitment to personalized, client-centric service sets us apart from other agencies. We dwell deeper to understand the uniqueness of your requirements. It allows us to match the clients with candidates who meet the requirements and align with their values and preferences. Our experienced executive team can provide expert guidance and recommendations. It ensures our clients make informed decisions. We commit to going the extra mile to source, screen, and present top-quality candidates with the highest professionalism, competence, and qualifications. We value discretion and confidentiality, understanding the sensitivity of the placement. We believe in building long-term relationships with both clients and candidates.

Why You Need a Corporate Staffing Consultant

Hiring domestic staff is complex and time-consuming. When you delegate this task to us, you can be assured that our consultants have in-depth knowledge of the domestic staffing industry and can find an ideal candidate. Since we handle the recruitment process, it also helps you save valuable time and resources. Here are some key reasons why you need a corporate staffing consultant.

  1. Expertise and Industry Knowledge
  2. Time and Resource Efficiency
  3. Customized Staffing Solutions
  4. Confidentiality and Discretion

Benefits of Choosing a Riveter Consulting Group for your Domestic Private Home Staffing

The benefit of choosing Riveter Consulting Group for your domestic private home staffing is that we will be your true partner in finding the perfect candidate for you. Our years of expertise in this field will greatly assist you in finding the right aspirant. We will save you valuable time and resources by handling the entire recruitment process. We will handle everything from sourcing candidates to conducting interviews and running background and reference checks. Through collaboration, we will help find you the candidate that fits the unique needs of your particular household. We are an upscale, personalized, and professional company offering unparalleled service. Here are some of the benefits.

Specialized Expertise
Our specialized expertise in this field will help you connect with highly committed individuals who meet your requirements. Our extensive experience in this business has taught us the right approach needed to achieve harmony in the hiring process. We have moved away from traditional hiring practices that just look at the qualifications. We take factors such as personality and cultural or religious values into consideration as well. It helps filter out candidates who need to align with your vision. This expertise has been honed over years of helping families like yours find their ideal candidate.
Extensive Network
The many years of experience in this field have enabled us to gain strong market intelligence. We have leveraged to establish a robust network of potential applicants. This expansive network enables us to swiftly and effectively find qualified aspirants who align perfectly with your requirements. Our previous successful recruitments also serve as endorsements, referring us to more potential candidates. Our extensive network has enabled us to forge strong connections with job seekers and clients. With industry-specific contacts that we have built, we are at the forefront of the ever-evolving job market. It allows us to provide our clients and candidates with invaluable insights and opportunities.
Customized Matchmaking
The main differentiating factor between us and the competition is that we put our unwavering commitment to providing you with a customized solution as per your needs. We understand your preferences and requirements before we look for a match for you. This initial step will ensure that the candidates we shortlist for you will be an ideal fit for your household. We understand that each household has unique preferences, needs, and values. Thus, we employ a highly personalized approach during domestic staffing. It allows us to tailor our candidate selection to align seamlessly with your household's needs. Our attention to customized matchmaking is pivotal in cultivating a harmonious and enriching living environment for you and your chosen candidate.
Thorough Screening and Verification
We are committed to providing you with the most suitable and dependable candidates. To achieve this, we have a rigorous screening process in place. We conduct a thorough background check and reference check for each candidate. We look into various aspects of a candidate's history, such as their criminal record, employment history, and educational qualifications. Equally important are the reference checks. We can gain valuable insights into candidates' work ethic, interpersonal skills, and overall performance by contacting their previous workplaces, colleagues, and acquaintances. It helps us confidently vouch for the integrity and suitability of the individuals we recommend to you.
Ongoing Support
Our service doesn’t end once the placement is made. We offer continuous support to our clients and candidates over the long term. For our clients, ongoing support means we are by your side at every stage, ready to address concerns, provide guidance, and facilitate communication with the placed candidate. We serve as a reliable bridge, helping resolve any potential issues that may arise. Similarly, for our candidates, we remain a valuable resource even after placement. We continue to be a support system, offering guidance and assistance throughout their tenure. This ongoing support aids them in smoothly navigating their new roles.

Corporate Staffing Specialties

Riveter Consulting Group offers candidates for various corporate specialties that help you run your company with ease and efficiency. Here are some of the corporate staffing specialties that we support.

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Facilities Manager

A facilities manager is a professional who oversees the daily operations in a corporate space. They are an integral part of the team. They play an immense role in ensuring a smoothly operating workspace and its assets. Their duties include overseeing routine maintenance, keeping everything running at peak performance, and budgeting resources efficiently.


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Chief of Staff

A chief of staff is an organization’s strategic and influential role, often working closely with top executives such as CEOs. Their primary responsibilities involve streamlining operations, facilitating effective communication, and assisting in decision-making.

COS professionals help ensure that the leader’s time is utilized efficiently, information flows smoothly, and critical decisions are well-informed.

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A payroll administrator is a crucial member of any organization, responsible for handling the minute details of employee compensation and remuneration efficiently and with the utmost accuracy to detail.

Payroll administrators now have sophisticated software at their disposal to handle employee payroll and taxation thanks to the development of technology.

Communities we serve

We work with families and households throughout
the entire Los Angeles Area and Nationwide.

Some of the communities
we serve include:
Los Angeles:

Benedict Canyon,Downtown,Hancock Park, Hollywood,
Hollywood Hills,Los Feliz,

San Fernando Valley:

Burbank,Calabasas,Glendale,Hidden Hills,
San Fernando.

South Bay:

Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach,Palos Verdes Peninsula,
Redondo Beach,San Pedro, Torrance.

Westside :

Bel Air,Beverlywood,Beverly Crest,Beverly Hills,
Brentwood, Century City, Cheviot Hills, Culver City,
Ladera Heights,Marina del Rey,Pacific Palisades,
Playa del Rey, Santa Monica, West Hollywood.

If you live outside our general service area, do not
despair, as we accommodate clients across the
country and the globe.

Positions We Fill


Family Assistants,Hotel Nannies & Childcare,Nannies,
Newborn Care Specialist.

Executive Staffing:

Administrative Assistant,Executive Assistants,Office Managers,

Home Care

Professional Caregivers.

Home & Estate Staffing:

Butlers, Chefs, Domestic Couples, Drivers, Estate Managers,
Executive Housekeepers, Household Managers, Housekeepers,
Housemen,Laundresses, Personal Assistants.

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Executive Staffing
Housekeepers and Laundresses
Personal Assistants and Estate Managers
Family Assistants and Housemen
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average timeline for finding and placing domestic staff through your agency?

The average timeline for finding and placing domestic staff through our agency varies based on the client’s prompt feedback and the availability of candidates in the area. The typical placement period ranges from 10-30 business days. It depends on the vacancy and its requirements. Hiring time is significantly reduced for positions such as a gardener or housekeeper. However, staffing for specialized positions such as nanny or elderly care can take some time as it requires much more vetting and diligence while making a selection.

Do you conduct background checks and reference checks on all candidates?

Yes, we do! We conduct thorough background checks and reference checks for all our potential candidates. It helps us to screen candidates with any potential issues or criminal records that make them unsuitable to work in your household. We check references to verify their past work experience and their moral character. It is an integral part of our vetting process.

Can you assist with drafting employment contracts and job descriptions for hired staff?

Yes, we can! We can assist you in drafting an employment contract tailored to your needs. This draft will cover job responsibilities, compensation and benefits, working hours, and termination procedures. We can also create a comprehensive job description that outlines each position's roles and responsibilities. It will help set clear expectations for the new hires, making it easy for them to understand their role in your household.

How do you ensure the confidentiality and privacy of our household during the hiring process?

We ensure them by implementing a multifaceted approach. It includes stringent candidate screening procedures and comprehensive confidentiality agreements. Our commitment to selective candidate matching and continuous support guarantees that your household's privacy is upheld throughout the process. Rest assured that we are unwavering in our dedication to professionalism and maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality for your peace of mind.