• Are you tired of sending out resumes and not getting responses?
  • Looking to change the direction of your career?
  • Need fast expert advice on how to start your new business or enhance your existing one?

With two decades of building multiple businesses and a wealth of industry contacts, Gold now offers her knowledge and guidance to help elevate your professional business needs.


Resume Guidance

As the owner of a recruiting agency, Gold reviews thousands of resumes per year and can provide insider feedback as to what employers are looking for in a candidate.

  • Cover Letter & Resume Feedback
  • Edits & Formatting Suggestions
  • Referrals to Experienced Resume Writers

Career Direction

Perhaps you are looking for a new career in Private Service, but have no idea how to break into the industry. Maybe you are currently in Private Service but want to elevate your career. Gold offers insight not only into the industry but also shares her know-with-all of her own personal journey from a Financial Consultant to an Estate Manager.

    • In-depth clarification of job descriptions in both public and private sectors
    • Tips on building your resume for your next career move
    • Guidance on how to help unearth your skill sets that can easily translate to a new career path

Consulting for your new or existing business

Gold has successfully started two businesses over the last decade. Her trials and tribulations will not only save you time and money but also guide you towards success.

  • Facilitate introductions from her in-depth Rolodex of industry connections
  • Unique problem-solving techniques for your business
  • Cost-effective solutions for building, marketing, and maintaining your business

FEE: $50 per 30-minute session