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This picture signifies why I do what I do. When I started Belle Maison Agency in 2012, I really had no idea it would morph into what it is today, a lifestyle management company which we recently rebranded as Riveter Consulting Group. Since I was young, I have always had a passion for connecting people, […]
A closet isn’t always the first space that comes to mind when decorating, but it’s an important space that shouldn’t be overlooked. We share our top pointers for crafting an organized—and stylish—closet. Go Custom No matter what your current living situation is, built-in custom cabinetry will maximize your space and keep you organized all year […]
Three Ways to Foster Good Behavior in Children Ali Koplan, Social Media Marketing Intern   Be Clear About the Rules: Make sure that your kids are aware of the rules and remind them of the rules often. If your rules are not talked about or hard to understand, children will have a hard time following […]
We’re expanding! Belle Maison Agency Staffing, the bespoke staffing agency founded by the charismatic entrepreneur Gold Mac Ivor, is being absorbed by Riveter Consulting Group. In addition to elite domestic staffing services, we will now be providing household management, relocation assistance and personalized services as we will continue to work alongside you to discern your […]
When it comes to childcare, the household employer tax may seem too expensive for many families. Since the IRS considers nannies as “household employees”, hiring a nanny does bring on significant tax liability. However, before you decide against hiring a nanny, you should know about what vital tax breaks that can, in some cases, counter […]
Determining and implementing a well thought out schedule can be tedious and immensely time-consuming, no matter if you’re the Family Assistant or Nanny. Over the years we’ve seen it all, the activities families favor to the not so favorable past-times. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions for a vastly successful Summer ’17. Use our Summer 2017 […]
  Whether you’re starting up a business or simply have more work than hours in a day, here at Belle Maison Agency we understand it can get overwhelming at times. Too much work with too little time or help can bring anyone to their breaking point and sometimes, no amount of goal setting, smartphone apps […]
  It’s hard to believe the 2017 tax season deadline is almost upon us! Here at Belle Maison Agency, we love saving as much as the next, so we’ve compiled 5 CRITICAL TAX TIPS to make sure you claim all possible tax deductions and hopefully overall maximize your 2016 tax refund. 1. Be Sure You’re An Employee Or […]
Over the years studies have shown that having a doula part of a family’s birth team may decrease the overall cesarean rate, the length of labor, and the use of Oxycontin. A doula is a professional who is trained in childbirth and provides continuous support to a mother before, during, and just after birth. Some families […]
A live-in role opening can be a fantastic opportunity whether you’re a Nanny, Housekeeper, Caregiver, Houseman, Doula etc. Knowing if a live-in role is a fit for you is imperative for your success. So what’s the difference? The prospective live-in personnel typically resides in the home, or property owned by the principles at a near […]
 We all know a workplace environment with open communication and trust breeds employee success and the domestic industry is no exception.  Open communication allows staff to be more engaged and understand that what they do MATTERS. Making sure your Nanny and children understand the immense part they play in the success of the family will […]
 Whether you’re preparing presentation materials for your principal’s quarterly meeting or simply helping make your superior’s day easier by helping to maintain a timely schedule, assistants undoubtedly help create a stress-free and productive workplace. Personal Assistants and Executives Assistants share many similarities, but what are the main differences? We’ve gathered a couple of key differences […]
Do you know the difference? TIP ALERT: Make sure if you’re putting these terms on your resume you have an understanding of the definitions Light Housekeeping in terms of tasks, should be thought of as things completed by a personal assistant The duties may include: watering plants dusting off surfaces dusting off surfaces picking up […]
The summer has finally arrived and that means; Vacation Season! This means that you might need to act as a traveling nanny for your family. Being a traveling Nanny can be an immensely rewarding and beneficial experience, not only for the Nanny, as well as the family and principals. Although, as amazing as being a […]
Being a star Nanny can be a funny and stressful thing. Unfortunately, the journey onto becoming the best Nanny possible doesn’t always include guidelines or a manual on how to do it right way. Even if one has had years of experience, they’re still in a learning process, being every child is different than the […]
Whether you’re a Nanny, Executive Housekeeper, Private Chef, Family or Personal Assistant, submitting a resume that best reflects your professional experience is imperative. Applying for your dream domestic role is an exciting experience and we, here at Belle Maison Agency, want to help make the process a little more seamless ~   Tip 1: Keep It […]
In the domestic professional industry, more and more employers are looking to recommendations letter to decide whether a candidate is suitable for the position. Imagine ordering a dish a restaurant and once the dish gets to your table you realized there’s one ingredient missing that would have made the dish that much more special. Well, […]