Private Home Staffing in Austin, TX

Exceptional private home staffing services in Austin, TX, with a team of experienced and reliable professionals catering to your needs ensuring life of luxury.

What is Private Home Staffing?

Private home staffing refers to hiring professionals for the comfortable lifestyle of high-profile individuals. The professionals are qualified to handle the responsibilities of the household, ensuring that every task is completed on time. Butlers, estate managers, private chefs, housekeepers, household managers, and chauffeurs, among others, are examples of private staffing. Their primary responsibility is to provide unparalleled service and convenience to homeowners. However, finding an excellent staff is truly a challenge. That’s where we come in. We help you find the right candidate for your needs of exquisite service. You can contact us today to learn more about our private home staffing services and how we can help you achieve your desired lifestyle.

Why Choose Riveter Consulting Group in Austin, TX?

Our history of over seven years in the domestic staffing industry has allowed us to identify the need for a more personalized, upscale, and professional approach. Our history in the domestic staffing industry has given us unparalleled insight into matching candidate performance with client expectations. We guarantee our thoroughness and honesty throughout the entire collaboration. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that we provide 100% effort to achieve 100% satisfaction with our staffing results. As we expanded our services to include relocation and estate management in 2014, we have continued to provide excellent staffing solutions to our clients. Choosing Riveter Consulting Group means selecting a company that provides unparalleled staffing and lifestyle management services tailored to your unique needs.


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Comparison of Riveter Consulting Group in Austin, TX to other Staffing Candidates

If you seek the finest private home staffing services in Austin, look no further than us at Riveter Consulting Group. Our unparalleled expertise and dedication ensure you receive the highest level of care and sophistication in the industry. Unlike many other agencies that offer a generic approach for all clients, our candidates take time to familiarize themselves with your needs. It allows us to find the most exceptional candidate that meets your requirements and is within your budget. We have a vast network of candidates, so you won’t have to worry about not finding good staff. Plus, you can expect A-tier customer care because we focus on nurturing a long-lasting relationship with clients.

Why do you need a Private Home Staffing Candidate in Austin, TX?

Nestled in the heart of Texas, the vibrant city of Austin boasts a lively culture, world-class entertainment, and magnificent homes. As Austin’s demand for private home staffing services escalates, the need for sophisticated staff has become a top priority. You can find a housekeeper, receptionist, executive manager, PA, or any executive staff you need in a matter of seconds with the help of a staffing agency. Finding trustworthy and reliable staff exhibiting professionalism is like finding a needle in a haystack. But with an agency backing you up, you can rest assured that your staffing needs will be easily met.

The staff we provide are thoroughly vetted and experienced. It guarantees the highest level of professional service. In the unlikely event of any problems or contact breaches, simply contacting the consultancy will ensure a swift replacement. A luxurious staffing agency is necessary for Texans to elevate their houses and offices. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Expertise and Experience
  2. Professionalism and Reliability
  3. Customizable Service Packages
  4. Comprehensive Screening and Training Process
  5. Outstanding Customer Service and Support

Benefits of Choosing a Private Home Staffing Candidate in Austin, TX

While managing a luxurious home, there is no such thing as too much help. It can be challenging to maintain the luxury of your house on your own due to a busy schedule. We provide specialized staffing and expertise to keep your household running like clockwork. Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur, a distinguished retiree, or simply seeking assistance maintaining a lavish lifestyle, luxurious staffing agencies like RGC can help you. We work closely with you to identify your staffing needs and provide customized solutions. We understand that a high-end home demands high-end service and spare no expense in delivering just that. Partnering with Riveter gives you the luxury of convenience and flexibility. You can hire any staff you need due to their wide network of connections. Choosing a private home staffing candidate can save homeowners time and effort and provide peace of mind knowing they can access qualified and reliable domestic staff. Let’s discuss some of the prime benefits.



People constantly seek new ways to improve their convenience and quality of life. They are always hustling for a lavish lifestyle, but managing the household has become challenging with increasing workloads and demanding schedules. If you struggle with this, you can rely on private home staffing. We are a one-stop for all platforms where you can find all the housing staff you need to manage your villa. It eliminates the stress of searching for and hiring qualified staff individually. Managing multiple staff members with varying schedules becomes a breeze with minimum effort. RCG guarantees that your household runs like clockwork, even during unforeseen absences or staff turnover.

Expertise and Skills

Riveter Consulting Group believes clients should receive the best possible service in the industry. Thus, we always present you with the most experienced and skilled staff members available. Our team of seasoned professionals boasts a wealth of experience in the private staffing industry. The candidates at RCG leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of excellence and evaluate each candidate by raising the bar of high standards. It ensures that only the most qualified and skilled professionals are in touch with you. With them by your side, you will receive luxury and refinement in private home staffing services.


You can customize the staffing services and choose those that cater to their needs. This flexibility of private staffing results in a truly personalized experience. Riveter Consulting Group will cater to your every whim, whether you require full-time or part-time staff, live-in or live-out options, or seasonal or temporary staffing. We can also modify the staffing services and schedule to suit your changing needs, ensuring maximum convenience and luxury. You have the freedom to create the perfect staffing package that fits seamlessly into your household or office. So, why settle for a mediocre experience when you can have a premium one?

Enhanced Security

You should always be careful regarding the safety and security of your home and loved ones. Trusting strangers to work for you within the four walls of your house and office is intimidating. Every person you bring into your house must be thoroughly vetted and screened to confirm whether they are who they claim to be. We verify that each candidate has no criminal background and is authorized to work within Texas. Moreover, the professionals are trained for emergency response, sophisticated security protocols, and expert crisis management. They provide unparalleled security to your lavish residence and treasured family.

Time Savings

Time is valuable; we must spend it wisely in this fast-paced world. You may be wasting your precious time doing mundane hiring tasks. We take the time-consuming tasks of hiring and managing staff off your hands, giving you more precious hours to indulge in your favorite activities. You can spend quality time with your loved ones and explore your passions while maintaining your house’s opulent standards. The candidate handles staff scheduling and workload management, so you can enjoy the pinnacle of luxury and dive into a pool of leisure and extravagance. So, a private home candidate provides a professional, efficient, personalized service to save time.

Staffing Specialties Offered in Austin, TX

Riveter Consulting offers an extensive range of staffing specialties, including executive staffing for offices. We have a pool of highly skilled and experienced candidates screened and trained to meet the demands of any office environment. Your business can only be successful if you have a solid administrative team that can wisely handle the finance of your company. They are the masterminds behind the smooth and seamless management of the office. We help you find your perfect candidate with an unwavering focus on quality, expertise, and professionalism. Whether you need a receptionist, office manager, executive assistant, or administrative assistant, we will handpick the best candidates. They all have unique skill sets and can provide seamless support to their employer. The demand for specialized domestic and executive staff will continue to soar in Austin. Riveter will keep providing exceptional staffing support to you, your house, and your business. Here are some of the staffing specialties we offer in Austin, TX:


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a private home staffing professional in Austin, TX cost?

Generally, private home staffing professionals cost $30-$75/hour in Austin, Texas. The cost varies depending on the service type, the experience level, and the responsibilities included. Riveter Consulting Group offers customizable service packages allowing you to choose the services and tailor them according to your budget. Contact us for further inquiries!

How are the private home staffing professionals screened and selected?

Their screening and selection process includes a thorough background check, reference check, and interview of the candidates. It confirms that only qualified and trustworthy candidates are recommended to clients. Once hired, the professionals undergo training and seminars to familiarize themselves with the agency’s protocols. So, rest assured the staff you receive are fully vetted and trained.

What are the expectations for communication and feedback between the homeowner and the private home staffing professionals?

Their communication must be handled gracefully, elegantly, and professionally. Both homeowners and staffing professionals should be humble and respectful when conversing with each other. Their words should not be driven by their bitter emotions. The feedback should be constructive, and housing staff should work on it to provide better service.

What is the process for resolving any issues or conflicts that may arise with the private home staffing professionals?

Signing a contract and properly communicating the job expectations before hiring helps resolve any issues or conflicts that may arise with staffing professionals. RCG encourages you to communicate your issues and provide constructive feedback to the staff. The client relation department will provide additional support and resolution if this problem persists.