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5 Tips For An Effective Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

In the domestic professional industry, more and more employers are looking for recommendation letters to decide whether a candidate is suitable for the position. Imagine ordering a dish at a restaurant and once the dish gets to your table you realized there’s one ingredient missing that would have made the dish that much more special. Well, that’s what a letter of recommendation is to an already good resume, it is that one ingredient that makes you look that much more special to the employer. Recommendation letters provide vital information for employers; like whether a person can be trusted with their homes, their children, their possessions, and any other cherished property. Although recommendation letters help a candidate to shine through the many stacks of other resumes, many struggle with writing a good recommendation letter, and as a result, write poor letters that don’t effectively present the candidate as the greatest of light.

5 tips to Create an effective recommendation letter

Tip 1: Establish The Job

The first paragraph of your letter should explain how you know the person for whom you are writing or vice versa.  This should include the facts of the position – dates, title, company, and location, not a boring repetition; in fact, your contact can start with the accolades right away…

“I am happy to recommend Ryan XXXX. Ryan worked as my Personal Assistant from 2010 through 2013 at my New York residence. Under his pro-active assistance, I always knew that my 40,000 square foot estate would be well maintained and the duties assigned to him would be completed with the highest level of detail…”


Tip 2: “What Did You/They Do?”

The body of the letter should reference the skills of the person being recommended. The letter of recommendation should cover the specifics about not only your responsibilities but also the quality of your work. Don’t be afraid to make a list of your strengths for the writer to talk about. Letters of recommendation are more valuable when they include specific details:

“Ryan not only assisted with all of our home maintenance but also acted as a leader to our other staff. He led a team of five full-time staff members, including housekeepers, the chef, and the grounds crew. Ryan made sure that all team members provided the finest performance while also encouraging a positive work environment. His forward-thinking and commitment to leadership, showed greatly in the staff performance, as they always went above and beyond normal expectations…”


Tip 3: Shine Bright Like A Diamond 

Recommendation letters shouldn’t just be all about the duties and accomplishments, they should also reflect and shine a bright light on the person’s personality:

EX: “Ryan is very organized, timely, always professional, and has an acute sense of detail. His pleasant nature allowed him to stay calm, cool, and collected in even the most stressful of situations…”


Tip 4: “Would You Hire Them Again?”

The final paragraph should include some of the strongest recommendation languages. It should promptly and effectively include a phrase about a willingness to hire the candidate again:

“In conclusion, I can surely recommend Ryan XXXX for any position. He was an extremely valuable member of my team, and I would happily hire him again should I have a need for another exemplary Personal Assistant…”


Tip 5: Don’t Forget the POC Number!

Employers and agencies will always want to verify letters of recommendation, so be sure to include the past employer’s contact information.



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