5 Signs You Need An Assistant

5 Signs You Need An Assistant

Whether you’re starting up a business or simply have more work than hours in a day, here at Belle Maison Agency we understand it can get overwhelming at times. Too much work with too little time or help can bring anyone to their breaking point and sometimes, no amount of goal setting, smartphone apps or personal management can help you get more done. 5 signs you might need an Assistant:

1.You’re working harder than ever but aren’t making much progress  

Spending too much time on administrative or financial tasks can take away from your immediate workload. Consider evaluating all the work you have done in the past week or two. Then, determine if there is anything you feel you have done that can be handled by someone other than yourself. When handling our busy schedules, often times unnecessary work tend to take up valuable hours throughout the work day. By passing those administrative duties on, you ultimately have more time to focus on tasks of greater importance

2.You have a hard time keeping track of your schedule, deadlines and other important dates

In any given day, you might have a handful of meetings and dozens of phone calls from people all over. Statistically speaking, your chances of double booking or overlooking something can be quite high. And yes, there are apps and planners that may assist with this, but let’s be honest, it’s not enough


3.Your busy schedule hinders your ability to think about your business long term 

While day-to-day work is far from useless, it can get in the way of the bigger picture. Too many short-term tasks will keep you from coming up with creative ideas and tactics that will benefit your business, which can be detrimental to your overall success. Passing on daily tedious tasks to a competent Executive or Personal Assistant will allow you to continue to come up with innovative and progressive ways to not only benefit the future of your business but employees and overall community 

4. You put off or avoid certain tasks

Do you find yourself letting several days go by without pausing to take notice of life, spirit or your connections to others? Having the extra helping hand will give you the ability to properly manage your connections as well as provides assurance that all necessary tasks will get done. What if the task cannot be completed by the Assistant? Make it their responsibility to remind you and keep you on track 

5.You can afford it  

Hiring an Assistant is an investment, but you don’t want to spend money you don’t have. Starting your Personal or Executive Assistant on a part-time basis is an affordable option and will undoubtedly begin to alleviate some of the stress caused by your workload. By investing in an Assistant, you’re able to spend more time on the things you truly want — growth, revenue and brand recognition
With the right help, you can maximize the productivity of your business and in return relieve the stress that has the ability to take over your life


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