3 Tips For The Best Communication With Your Nanny

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 We all know a workplace environment with open communication and trust breeds employee success and the domestic industry is no exception.  Open communication allows staff to be more engaged and understand that what they do MATTERS. Making sure your Nanny and children understand the immense part they play in the success of the family will help them better understand why decisions are made. Here are our 3 key tips to help create and maintain an open and clear communication with your Nanny


Tip 1: Follow The Golden Rule

Be sure to see your Nanny as a person, not simply an employee. Displaying empathy and being mindful of your communication will go a long way


Tip 2: Be Clear On The Agreement!

Avoid future misunderstandings by drawing up a clear Nanny contract upon hiring your beloved Nanny. This contract should outline your Nanny’s role description, expected salary, hours, as well as what you’d expect from your Nanny


Tip 3: Discuss Preferred Communication Methods

Whether it’s a face to face meeting, or via phone or text, setting a time to update or receive updates from your Nanny is imperative for building trust and ensuring the Nanny feels comfortable to discuss any concerns or issues that may arise




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