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3 Things to Look Out for When Hiring a Professional Moving Company

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Hiring professional movers can alleviate much of the stress of relocating, but only if you choose the right one. Knowing what to look for when selecting a reputable mover can be challenging. Here are three key things to consider when hiring a professional moving company.

Booking Time, Fees, and Deposits

Consider the booking time of the company you want to enlist for the move. Moving requires a lot of planning, and you must book ahead to avoid ending up with limited options. Act fast to weigh your options and choose a company that ticks all the boxes.

When you have finalized the moving company, get in-home estimates and insist on a binding rather than a non-binding estimate. A binding estimate will prevent the moving company from adding surprise costs on a moving day. Ask about additional charges for stairs, long carry distances, bulky items, or packing supplies. Ask your movers to explain the fees for extras clearly before you finalize the deal.

Get all charges in writing. The mover will provide you with a Bill of Lading. Keep a record of all communications, agreements, and other important details. Don’t rely on the movers “word” as it is hard to prove in case of disagreement or confusion.

Avoid companies that charge you a hefty deposit upfront. Most legitimate companies ask for a small down payment; the balance is due on delivery. You may assume you are safer with a large deposit, but that is not true. You have no added control over the delivery and the timeline despite paying a larger deposit. Use a credit card to pay them as it has greater protection against fraudulent activities or charges.

Proper Licensing and Insurance

Verifying that a moving company is properly licensed and insured is crucial to protecting yourself during a move. For interstate moves across state lines, federal regulations require the mover to have a valid license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can check for an active DOT number and operating authority on the FMCSA website. It helps you confirm that they are authorized to conduct interstate business.

Also, research the company name in the FMCSA Safety and Fitness Electronic Records system for any violations or compliance issues filed against them. Multiple serious violations could indicate potential problems. Stay away from these companies as they will add to the stress of moving.

The company must have a state license from the transportation or public utilities commission for local or intrastate moves within your state. Check that the license is current and active. Confirm that they have met all the bonding requirements, which helps protect consumers financially in case of damages or loss. They are reliable if accredited by organizations like The American Movers and Storage Association and the National Trucking Association.

Equally important is verifying liability insurance and cargo insurance. Liability insurance protects you if the movers negligently damage your property or belongings of others during the move. Ask for proof of sufficient coverage to save you in case of damage. Cargo insurance covers your items if they are lost, damaged, or destroyed. You must align the limits with the value of your belongings. Standard policies may limit high-value items or not provide coverage. Therefore, you must also check for any exclusions to the policy beforehand.

Request certificates of insurance directly from the insurer or agent. Fake insurance certificates are a genuine concern, so verify the authenticity of all the documents through the insurer. Reputable movers will readily provide license and insurance information as they have nothing to hide. If a company avoids providing proof, it should raise major red flags. Never hire a mover who cannot verify proper credentials. Doing your homework protects you from being left unprotected if something goes wrong. It is better to be 100% sure before you agree to the move than regretting later.

References and Reviews

Checking references and online reviews is invaluable for assessing a moving company’s reputation and service quality. Always ask for recent references you can contact, including both former clients and people in industries like real estate who regularly use the company. Speaking directly to past customers gives first-hand accounts of their experiences. Their insights can be valuable in helping you decide the moving company’s reliability.

When inquiring for reference, ask specific questions and any concerns you have. Ask about the quality of service and whether they found it satisfactory. You must confirm their punctuality, delivery time, and how they pack, handle, load, and unload the packages. Verify if they lost anything during the move and how the company handled it. If you have already received a quote, you can also ask them about any hidden fees or charges beyond the quote.

Search for reviews on Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau. Look for detailed comments about professionalism, responsiveness, timeliness, contract fulfillment, and claims resolution. Even the best movers might not have all stellar reviews but be wary of consistent negative feedback and complaints.

Positive reviews that emphasize good communication, efficiency, careful handling of belongings, and a smooth, stress-free move indicate a reputable mover. Responsiveness to issues says a lot about their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Put in the work upfront to find a reputable company; it will pay off with a stress-free moving experience. Don’t Ignore any red flags or try to cut corners, as it will result in a stressful move.

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